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The 2000 Hash House Harriers of Morgantown/Fairmont

Self-annointed "Hash King"
Charlie Schaffer
Who we are: People who like to jog/run together every now and then.
What we do: We play a game.
What game: Hounds and Hares.
When: See the schedule below.

How do you Play? The group gets together and two people who were preselected begin running and marking a course with chalk. These two people are known as hares, and they are given a fifteen minute head start. The rest of the group (the hounds) gives chase, hoping to catch the hares before they return to the start.

What if I'm slow? With a well designed course, runners of all abilities will finish together. This is because the faster runners do not have enough oxygen in their brains to think clearly and they subsequently get lost. The course should have enough "false trails" to slow down the faster runners. False trails are routes marked by the hares which do not follow the correct path.

How far? Usually 4 to 6 miles.

What happens after the run? The Hash House Harriers events start from a restaurant or bar, so afterwards the group usually goes in to eat and drink. They always have a great time and have been known to consume an occasional beer.

Sounds fun, what do I do now? You can look at the upcoming events below and come on out (alone, or with a friend or two), or you can contact Rocky Kimble at (304) 291-3381.

Got Questions or Need Directions? Call Rocky at (304) 291-3381,
Dave at (304) 366-7581 or Charlie Schaffer at (304) 598-2946

To find out more: Check out the coverage (or maybe you shouldn't) from their 1999 Annual Spring Formal. (They only dress like this once a year...but boy, is it ever fun!)

2000 Summer Schedule

All hashes are at 6:00pm unless otherwise noted

Tuesday August 8th
Fairmont, WV

Fairmont's run will be from Frankie's Supper Club on Morgantown Ave. Exit at Downtown Fairmont and go to Domino's and turn right, go 7 or 8 blocks, will be on the left.

Tuesday August 15th
Morgantown, WV

This run will be from Gene's Place. Gene's is on Wilson Ave. in 2nd Ward. Maybe we can get Ann out this week. Ann, Where are you?

Tuesday August 22nd
Fairmont, WV

This week's hash will be from Joe's Rib Pit. Joe's is on Locust Ave. ext. just outside of town past Wendys.

Tuesday August 29th
Morgantown, WV

We will be running from Las Mirachi's on VanVoorhis Rd.