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Sunday, July 10, 2005 -- Davis, WV
Blackwater Bikes WV Championship
WVMBA Fall#1 & Canaan Mtn. Series Event #3 (iPO Event Id#: 6769)
Story and photos by Julie Black with most of the pics in Set 11 by Jessica Sandy

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Photo by Julie Black
Water-crossing any which way
In 1984, Laird Knight, Granny Gear Production's go to guy, created the Canaan Mountain Series. Now long past its 14th year, it's one of the longest-running mountain bike race series in the world according to BikeMag. The series has helped to establish Davis, West Virginia, as an East Coast mountain bike Mecca. Blackwater Bikes now continues the tradition. The Canaan Mountain Series has returned, and it's better than ever. Better bikes, better riders, and yes, better hair than we ever had in the 80's. Thank God for that.

The fouth and final race in the 2005 Canaan Mountain Series is the Timberline Four Seasons Resort XC MTB on Sunday, August 7. It's also the fourth race in the WVMBA Fall Series. Blackwater Bikes and the racers will see what course designer Scott Young can put together.

By the way, I just want to give a shout-out to the folks at Blackwater Bikes. They put on an amazing race that had a lot of support and it did wonders for the local shops and eateries in Davis and Thomas. Kudos to the BB Crew. They really are some of the nicest, most helpful guys in the business. You wanna bike the Blackwater? Stop into their shop, they know all the best spots.

I'd like to put some riders in the spotlight that you may, or may not have heard of who are an avid part of WVMBA's Series. These racers have interesting backgrounds, as many of you do. They have been randomly chosen for various reasons.

Photo by Julie Black
Lori Ware, happy to ride
Lori Ware - (Sport Women), One of the nicest faces you see out on the course is smiling, Lori Ware. Having a brain tumor removed in 2004, Ware, graduated high school in Clay County, WV, the same year. Finishing 2nd overall in the 2005 WVMBA Spring Series Women's Sport Class, Ware is one to watch. She currently races for team HoneyStinger/ Spinergy Cycling.

Ben Klimas - (Pro/Expert Class) Benji and iPlayOutside go way back. Back to the days of our beginnings and his, the days when Benji and one of our star reporters of early years, "Smarty" Marty Lamp would go riding out at Coopers Rock. In 2004 Klimas, sponsored by Specialized/Grassroots, competed in The Cape Epic held in South Africa. The 8-stage team MTB event covered 750 kilometers, and lasted more than a week. Klimas finished 6th overall in the 2005 WVMBA Spring Series, Pro/Expert Class. Klimas now rides for Team Custom Contracting.

Photo by Julie Black
Nathan Annon calls for 2 GUs
Nathan Annon - (Sport 19-34 Class) Finishing 3rd in his class at the 2005 Appalachian Classic and the Tour de Lake, Annon takes his races in stride with the lovely Jessica Sandy by his side packed with Gu in her pockets. As Annon participates in more races this fall, he's sure to move up in the Men's Sport ranks, WVMBA's largest and most competitive class by far.

Steve Thaxton - (Vet Expert Class) Dr. Thaxton, that's right I said Doctor, served as the personal chiropractor and fitness consultant for the rock band Guns-N-Roses on their 2-1/2 year world tour. Thaxton has also been Jon Bon Jovi's personal chiropractor and personal fitness consultant for the past decade, including four world tours. Qualifying for the United States Olympic trials in 1984 and 1988, Thaxton was also the 1986 National Pole Vaulting Champion. Currently, Steve races for the HoneyStinger/ Spinergy Cycling Team. He finished 1st overall in the 2005 WVMBA Points Spring Series Standings in the Vet Expert Class.

Photo by Julie Black
WVMBA 2005 Fall Series
Joe Stone - (Pro/Expert Class) A former U.S. Marine, Stone started mountain biking after a debilitating motorcycle accident. He races USCF Road Cycling, NORBA, and in the WVMBA Series. Stone currently rides for team Snowshoe Racing/

Joey Riddle - (Pro/Expert Class) Winner of the 2004 NORBA National Mountain Bike Series, Riddle, who hails from Buckhannon, WV, is looking to become WVMBA's Expert Champ. Riddle placed 4th overall in the 2005 WVMBA Spring Series and currently rides for team Snowshoe Racing/