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Sunday, May 17, 1998, Timberline Resort, Canaan Valley
24 Miles of Canaan
Canaan Series Race #1 (out of 3)
Canaan View
Beautiful Canaan Valley is ready for racing

It seems rare to have nice weather for a Canaan mountain bike race, but Sunday was one of those occasions. The racers were sent out to tackle the same course that will be used for this year's 24 Hours of Canaan. If you know anything about racing in Canaan or at the 24 Hours, you will know that dry weather is quite the blessing. In case you aren't familiar with the course, here is a brief overview of the 12 Mile loop:

  • Start with a short prolog straight up a rocky dirt road then back down through some wooded single track and on back past the start/finish.
  • Now on to some fun single track with a little up, a little down, and a little mud. Throw in a few rocks, ruts, roots, logs, even a stream crossing for good measure and that will get you through the first half of the course.
  • Now you had your fun, begin the climbing, climbing, and a little more climbing to the top of Timberline's ski slopes.
  • It's all down hill from here, but what a down hill it is! If the climb up the mountain didn't kill your spirit, the trip down might kill your body.

    Lucky for all the other racers, the Pro/Expert classes were the only ones doing two laps (24 miles), the others called it a race after one lap. When it was all finished, Brocc Kaylor (racing for Bike Line out of Erwin, PA) beat out Michael Carpenter with a two lap time of 2:10:23. Is it possible that the pros at this year's 24 Hours will be turning bunches of sub-hour laps? or how about a team with 24 laps in 24 hours!? We will find out in less than three weeks.
    [Complete Results Available]

    Johnathan Martin
    Johnathan Martin was impressive with a first place expert junior finish

    Melissa Showman
    Melissa Showman smiles after humbling many expert men on her way to a women's expert 1st
  • Start
    Starting a journey up the mountain (who needs chair lifts?)

    Brocc Kaylor
    Brocc Kaylor (1st Overall) preparing for his first descent down the mountain

    Michael Carpenter Rich O'neil
    Michael Carpenter (2nd Overall) preparing to avoid a tree on his final descent
    Rich O'neil (4th Overall) feeling out the rocks at Canaan

    Thomas Jenkins
    Thomas Jenkins (3rd Overall) coming right at you!

    Allen Moore
    Allen Moore races toward a 5th overall finish