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Walk Start
Run Start
The walkers (top) and then the runners (bottom) start their version of 5 in Vienna after local Jr. High trumpeters played the national anthem


Saturday, May 30, 1998, Parkersburg
Vienna River 5M Run and 5K Walk

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A great crowd turned out for the second running of the Vienna River 5 Mile Run and 5K Walk, and the morning greeted them all with beautiful weather (a change from last year.) Both events began at the Jackson Jr. High track, ran out and down a short gravel access road and on to a nice flat course. The only real hill could be found as the competitors reached the short climb back the the track for the final sprint to the finish.

Jacy, the youngest in the Christiansen family at 4-years-old (almost 5), finished an impressive 5 mile run for any age
First Runner
First finisher in the 5 miler


First Walker
First finisher in the 5K walk
First Female Walker
First female finisher in the 5K walk


The always exciting sprint to the finish
Chas Mick finished first out of our four WVOutside runners, good enough for second in the 25-29 men's class
Dave McCain
While Dave McCain didn't win us any awards, you gotta love his attitude (and not bad form either)