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Park Sign
The sign says it all
Sunday, May 17, 1998, Grand Vue Park, Moundsville
Grand Vue Park Mountain Bike Challenge

What a beautiful day and a beautiful park for mountain bike riding. The racers at Grand Vue Park were treated to a meticulously groomed 5 mile course that contained plenty of wooded single track along with mowed fields that opened the course up for spectacular mountain top views.

The racing consisted of staggered starts for a variety of classes from the single lap novices to the 4 lap experts. For the young racers they even threw in a 2.5 mile race for the 10-15 year-olds.

The last minute warnings before the start

If you missed the race, no need to worry, the park is always open to the public and is a true community park geared towards family and maintained by local citizens. Visit the park anytime and see what you've been missing! And if you want racing, come by on October 11th for the fall race; contact Grand Vue Park at (304) 845-9810.

Expert (4 laps, 20M)
1 John Sarvis
2 Darin Evans

Sport (3 laps, 15M)

1 Scott Lawson
2 Scott Clegg

Veteran (2 laps, 10M)

1 Roy Gryskavich
2 David Lewis
3 Jeff Daily

Beginner (2 laps, 10M)

1 Chris Szymanak
2 Joe Fernandez
3 Michael Baker

Novice (1 lap, 5M)

1 Mike Newman
2 Chad Dlugopolski
3 Douglass Wayne

Youth (2.5M)

1 Chris Thibeault
2 Daniel Ondrick
3 Justin Hunt
The View
First time racer Brad McGrath tries to get a drink after lap 1

The Winner
John Sarvis enjoys first place overall with his son