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Saturday, June 6, 1998, Snowshoe
Snowshoe Time Trial

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Saturday, June 6, 1998 is the day the road bikers came out in West Virginia to battle the cold, the mountains and the clock, as they entered the Mountain State Road Series Snowshoe Time Trial. The course was a 7 mile uphill climb with an elevation gain of 1820 feet from the Snowshoe Visitor's Center to the top of the mountain. "When you think you've finished, there's one more mile to go," was the warning given to each racer as they registered for the race.

The first racer began their ascent at 1:01PM with each consectively numbered racer following one minute apart. Just prior to race time, the fog lifted from the top of the mountain permitting the racers to see where they were headed. At the starting line, temperatures were not as would be expected for a June day in West Virginia, but were in the upper 40s. As the racers climbed, the temperatures fell into the 30s, making for a "Cold, ... Really Cold" ride. Coming back down was even colder and most riders opted to tough it out riding their bikes back to the start rather than climbing aboard the many vehicles waiting to bring them warmly back to the Visitor's Center.

Matt Timperman
Matt Timpermen looks relaxed at about the 3 mile mark

Most of the racers entered today had also entered the Snowshoe Road Race the next day and quotes heard after the race circulated around fantasies of ending the road race with a 7 mile climb up the mountain. That would show those who didn't brave the weather to tackle the time trial today!

Newcomer to the series, Stephen Simpson, climbed the mountain in an impressive 28 minutes 37 seconds taking Cat 1-4 Men's first place award. He was closely followed by Dave Wehger and Thomas Samples, second and third respectively.

Katina Sayers was the only woman who ventured out to take on the mountain, and she did so valiantly, with a time of 38 minutes and 55 seconds.

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Nate Ferguson
Nate Ferguson battles the mountain for a Cat 5/Cit first place win.

Walter Tate
Walter Tate pushes for 4th place Cat 1-4.

This is fun?
This is fun?
Alex Chavariaga
Alex Chavariaga
a leisurely Saturday bike ride.. NOT!