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Fighting the cause from dusk to dawn
Fri. June 5 - Sat. June 6, 1998, Morgantown
Relay for Life

Call it a race or just call it a big party, the Relay for Life was a great event held at the WVU Track and Field Facility. Bands, games, food, and walkers of all sorts spent 12 hours at the track in a team relay to help fight cancer.

Any dummy knows, we can all make a difference
Everyone who dared the weather and helped contribute to the success of this event should consider themselves a winner. It reminds us of the small bit of wisdom that says: "To get more out of life, give more of yourself."

[ Ed. Note: Thanks to all those wonderful folks at WesBanco Sabraton for getting us the pictures. ]

They threw a party to fight cancer...

...and the people came to walk.

And walk they did...
...while burning the midnight oil