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Saturday, June 13, 1998, Parkersburg
20th Annual Mountain State Classic 10K

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20th Starting
The pack of runners begins the 20th Annual 10K
The rain clouds parted for a few hours this morning while the road runners ventured out onto the streets of Parkersburg for a morning run. Starting on Washington Avenue and ending with a lap around the high school track, the runners ran through the historic neighborhoods of Parkersburg and by the City Park, cheered on by spectators on the sidewalks and porches.

Kathy Lencio
Kathy Lencio wins the women's race
Local Parkersburg runner, Tony Basta, was the first to cross the finish line in just over 34 minutes. Throughout the entire race, Tony "could hear footsteps behind him" as he was followed closely by Kevin Williams. Kevin challenged Tony to a hard race, and forced him to push even harder the last 1/4 mile as he vied for the lead. As they circled the track approaching the finish, the crowd in the grand-stands began chanting Tony's name, surely increasing his adrenaliine levels, and cheered ecstatically as he broke through the finish ribbon claiming first place overall.

Williams and Basta
Kevin Williams is close on the heels of Tony Basta approaching the finish
The fastest woman finisher, Kathy Lencio, completed the race in 40:07, well ahead of the other female competitors.

John Mike Nichols - Walker
John Mike Nichols stirs up the dust... walking!
Although there was no official walk associated with this event, several racewalks chose to enter as runners and walk the course. John Mike Nichols was the first to cross the finish line with a time just over 1 hour. Although he's walked a 1/2 Marathon and a Marthon in the past, he could not pass up the challenge of a 10K. John Mike enjoys the challenge of walking rather than running and passes many runners during races. We hope they aren't offended, he seems like a nice guy to us!

Following the last runner crossing the finish line, the 5th Annual Kid's Classic was held.