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At the race start, Ryan Hobbs sprints to the front
Saturday, June 27, 1998 -- Alderson
13th Annual Ups and Downs Road Race


The annual Alderson 4th of July Celebration for 1998 got underway on Saturday, June 27th, with the 13th Annual Ups & Downs Bike Race. The morning weather for the 20 mile race (13 miles for novice riders) was warm and hazy, but the early morning thunderstorms had passed and the roads were dry.

The race was held on scenic country roads north of Alderson, starting and finishing at the Alderson Memorial Field. By the time the riders reached the last major climb of a short, hilly course, Bob Bonhaur, Alan Fell and Jim McGhehee had taken the lead over the remainder of the riders.

Leader Group
The lead group of Jim McGheehee, Alan Fell and Bob Bonhaur (l-r), climb toward Route 12
The group held together through the final miles of racing back into town. On the final hill, Bob was able to make a break for the lead position and held it for the final descent to the finish for a winning time of 51.02. On the finishing stretch, Alan out-sprinted Jim to take second in 51.09.

For the title of "Oldest Participant", once again Stephen S. Cooke took home the trophy at the young-at-heart age of 71. It also happens to be the 12th time (so he missed one year) he has taken home the title.

A sincere thanks goes out to Ann Smith for coordinating the race; Sean Sabol and Woods, Water & Wheels for promotion and technical support; Corporal D.S. Hinkley for the police escort; and the Tri-County Fire Department for all the volunteer help out on the course. You are the folks that make all the fun possible!

Bob Bonhaur leads all racers to the finish
The 16 year-old Ryan Hobbs
Todd Diehl gets off the saddle while climbing
The young Mr. Cooke rounds the final turn
Todd Diehl heads to the finish in fifth...
...having caught and passed Ryan Hobbs in the final miles
Joey Browning coasts in first for the 12 Mile finishers
James Critchley works hard to catch the lead group
Shawn Quillen and James Johansen lead Mark Webb (r-l) to the final sprint