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Sunday, July 5, 1998 -- Alderson
White Water Canoe Race - Alderson 4th of July Celebration
Danny Kahl and Pam Lyall race toward Alderson

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Sunday was a beautiful day for the 17th Annual White Water Canoe Race down seven miles of the Greenbrier River. The race started in the calm waters of Fort Spring and took the riders down through mostly calm waters. A few Class II whitewater sections did make the event more than a rowing competition. The race finished at the Alderson Mini Park where the Alderson 4th of July River Events took place. These events were a little less demanding with a little something for the whole family. The competitions were short, flat water races ranging in classes from singles to husband & wife teams to six person mixed teams with no oars.

Sean Sabol and Anthony Banton are about to take in some water
The white water race got underway with eight teams of two (it is an open class event for any two person team in any type canoe) taking to the water at 1:00pm. Quickly taking up the lead position was the team of Bubby Stoddard and Joe Brown. In constant pursuit was the team of Jerry Meadows, Jr. and Leroy Meadows, Sr. Both lead teams were able to distance themselves from the rest of the field as the race progressed. However, the Meadows team was never able to overtake the Stoddard and Brown team who finished the race first in a time of 55.22. It was an especially nice win for Bubby Stoddard who had been on the winning team the first 14 years the event was held, only to have finished second the last two years.

Jerry and Leroy finished close behind just over a minute back at 56.31 and was the only other team to finish in under an hour. The Meadows team did have the consolation of finishing ahead of the third place team of Windell Highlander and Winford Highlander. The Highlander team finished last year's race in third place, taking home a trophy, while the Meadows team paddled in fourth.

Corey Newman and Denny Crane using a rather unorthodox conoeing style
The battle for fourth and fifth was very close as the team of Danny Kahl and Pam Lyall was able to overtake Sean Sabol and Anthony Banton late in the race. The steady boating of Danny and Pam paid dividends while Sean and Anthony had trouble keeping their canoe afloat. The time that Sean and Anthony lost while swimming through two sections of white water proved to be too much even though Pam and Danny did lose time while bailing water from their canoe.

The remaining racers made their way into Alderson with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the competitors. Even if they weren't bringing home a trophy this year, it is now doubt that they all had a great time spending a georgeous day on a wonderful section of the Greenbrier River. Some just enjoyed it a little longer than others.