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Thursday, August 6, 1998 -- Follansbee
Garibaldi Days Follansbee 5K Run/Walk

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The racers hit the streets of Follansbee at the Garibaldi Days
The first question you might ask when you arrive at this race is "Who is Garibaldi?" Well, it doesn't take long to get an answer. Giuseppe Garibaldi was born July 4, 1807, and throughout his lifetime his driving ambition was to unite Italy into one strong state, instead of the seven or eight smaller states it was divided into at the time. In his honor, the Giuseppe Garibaldi Lodge, located in Fallansbee, WV, is named. This is the principle place of business for the Mutual Benevolent Society of Joseph Garibaldi, established in 1926. It was constituted as one society of Mutual Benefit for the Italians and their descendents under the name of Giuseppe. The 5K run is held annually in conjunction with the lodge's annual celebration that also includes a parade, concert and gala fireworks display.

David Schupbach better look behind him, Richard Hall is closing quickly
This year's run was held on the hot (88F) and humid Thursday evening, on a rather hilly course, through the town of Follansbee. But even though there were several racers who dropped out before the end of the race, not everyone found it so terrible. Sixty-six year-old, Lou Difilippo, who has been running the in the since 1990, stated "It was the easiest it has ever been." Then again, maybe he is just in the best shape he's been in since 1990. So we thought we'd get another opinion from the much younger, 21-year-old, David Schupbach. His response was "I like it humid and like the hills." Maybe the race just attracted gluttons for punishment.

The fastest runner for the evening was 26-year-old Eric O'Brien. He was able to quickly gain an advantage and used the hills to add to his lead, finishing in a time of 17:32. The race for 2nd place was a duel between David Schupbach and the 55-years-young Richard Hall. While

Valerie Price took first place overall for the females
David took little time to settle into the second position, the pacing Mr. Hall was quietly moving up through the ranks. With about a quarter-mile left in the race, Richard was able to make a move to take second place from David. But David's younger legs still had some kick left as he surged back and regained second. He finished with a time of 18:07, just seconds ahead of Richard who crossed the line at 18:14.

In the women's field, it was again a battle between young and... well, not quite as young. Bernie Hart, racing in the 40 and over class and nursing a leg injury, could not match the pace of Valerie Price, racing in the 15 to 18 age group. Valerie took the win in a time of 20:23 with Bernie finishing in 20:45, in the 15th and 16th overall positions, respectively. Finishing 18th overall, 3rd Female, and also running under seven minute miles, was Crystal Contini with a time of 20:59.