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They're getting ready to run with the law
Sunday, August 2, 1998 -- Kingwood
Run with the Law

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On Sunday afternoon, August 2, almost 200 runner's gathered at Camp Dawson, just outside Kingwood, WV, to "Run with the Law." Judging from all the enthusiasm and smiles that accompanied the racers and spectators, it certainly has to be more fun than running from the law.

The race didn't get underway until 3pm, and while it was a warm and sunny day, it could have been much hotter for an afternoon in August. While some participants would rather have had the race early in the morning, the large turnout, and the fact that this was the first year for the event, shows that there are plenty of folks who don't mind getting to sleep in a little on their weekend mornings (the author included.)

Stephen Hiser(L) and Derek Clark(R) sprint to the finish
The race course consisted of fairly flat terrain on the scenic roads along the Cheat River and the grounds of Camp Dawson. One section of the route included a stint on a dirt/gravel road, but this did not seem to be a problem with the racers.

When the gun sounded, Rodney Huffman quickly moved to the front of the pack, setting a very fast pace. Taking up the second position was John Reynold, a training partner of Mr. Huffman. John was content to let Rodney lead out early in the race since he felt that he would not be able to maintain such a fast pace. However, John forgot to tell his friend that he was suppose to slow down later in the race, and Rodney took his lead to the finish to post the only sub-17 minute time at 16:50. Mr. Reynold did hold on for a second place finish in 17:03.

William Maraney took first in the 60 and Over crowd
Another strong performance was put in by young Nathan Hemming, racing in the 15-19 age group. Early in the race, Mr. Hemming was running in the 10th position, but began making up ground on the dirt road where he felt especially strong. He quickly moved through the field into third position. However, around the halfway point in the race, he was passed back up by Joey Herron. Nathan quickly made his move to take 3rd position back, then used a strong finish to secure this position at the finish in 17:15.

The women's side of the race saw even more close racing. After the start of the race, Stephanie Meleady, racing in the 15-19 age group, took up the first position. However, the more steady pacing Julie Warner, racing in the 30-34 age group, and the very young Heather McDaniel, racing in the 14 and Under age group, weren't far behind. At about the half mile point, Julie overtook Stephanie to move into first, and then steadily increased her lead. Julie never looked back and was the first female to cross the finish, with a time of 19.44.

Little Ms. Sovastion takes a rather casual approach to the finish

The two younger ladies were not done racing, and soon after Julie had made her pass on Stephanie, Heather was also able to follow suit and overtake the fast starting Stephanie. Most of the rest of Stephanie's race was spent chasing the strong running Heather. Her relentless pursuit finally paid off, with about a half mile left in the race. This was were she was able to establish control of the second place position and began to distance herself from Heather. Stephanie crossed the finish line at 20.28, with the third place Heather still close behind with a time of 20.39.

After the race, there was a festive atmosphere with plenty of refreshments along with many great door prizes, including weekend getaways to Ocean City, MD.