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Sunday, December 20, 1998 -- Sissonville
WV Cyclocross Race #3

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Ryan O'Connor (Mongose) didn't waste a lot of time establishing himself as the man to beat
Well, we were certain after the first two cyclocross races of the season, that we'd see some serious winter conditions for the third. But, December 20th brought wonderfully mild weather once again. A little late-week snow, that was melting, along with some rain from the previous day did make the course a little more interesting. The route was changed slightly to avoid some of the slick mud, but there was still enough to make much of the single track sections treacherous. More than one racer paid the price for being a little too aggressive as they lost traction and watched the ground approach way too fast.

Rob Ely hangs on down the slick hills
Having the least trouble for the day was Ryan O'Connor (Mongose), who took the lead early and built on it the entire race, finishing in a time of 38:34 for the four lap expert race. Jason Means (Ridge Rider) did his best to make it a race, but couldn't match O'Connor's speed, and finished in second with a time of 42:45. A closer battle was waged for third place honors as Drew Morse (Mt. State Bicycles), 46:50, edged out Steve Thaxton (Worldwide Chiropractic), 47:06.

In the three lap sport division, Craig Prather, 38:04, spent the least time out on the course taking first place. The two lap beginner division was won by Pablo Martinez (Ridge Rider) in 23:39. In his first cycling race, R.L. Martin (Yamaha of Sissonville) raced uncontested to a masters division victory, with a time of 46:38.

We're still wondering why no women racers made appearances to show the boys a little of their grit. Maybe they're waiting for the true winter weather to arrive?

The "Babes of Cyclocross" (L-R Jennifer, Tammie, Jenni, Alexa, and Andrea)
All the racing was over within an hour, but that didn't mean it was time to go home. As the times were tallied, everyone was treated to pizza and refreshments, while bikes (and bikers, shower facilities were available) were cleaned and tales of racing trials and tribulations were told. Then, it was on to the cash awards followed by a cyclocross clinic by Ryan O'Connor. Simply a great afternoon of cycling fun brought to you by Steve Thaxton, Worldwide Chiropractic, the Babes of Cyclocross (don't you know that women love cyclocross men!), and a host of other sponsors and volunteers.