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Sunday, January 17, 1999 -- Davis
USASA Appalachian Boarder Cross Series I

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Getting a little air at Boarder Cross #1
Snowboarders gathered on the slopes at Timberline Resort Sunday, January 17 to challenge the terrain park and each other in the first 1999 Boarder Cross race. Conditions for the race were near ideal with a groomed surface and temperatures just above freezing.

For those familiar with the terrain park, the upper portion of the course was not open due to the unusually low amount of snowfall this year but is expected to open for the second race on February 14th.

Since this is the first Boarder Cross event covered by us folks at WVOutside and maybe the first time some of you have heard of this type event, a little explanation may be in order. Boarder Cross is a series of snow board races, organized by USASA (United States Alpine Sports Alliance?) held in regions across the country. These races are similar to those you may have on ESPN, that is, all of the racers (up to 6) start at the top of the course and whoever makes it to the bottom without missing a gate or breaking any rules (shoving, etc.) is the winner. Since prizes are awarded for the first three places in each class, elimination rounds take place. For example, if there are 5 contestants, those who finish 4th and 5th in the preliminary race are eliminated and a second race is held to determine first, second and third place. This is a simplistic explanation but should suffice for now.

Winners in the mens classes on Sunday were Dennis Kuhn (Breaker Class 12-13), Charlie Rosol (Junior 16-17), Toby Sherman (Jams 18-22), Fredrick Carter (Seniors 22-29), and "Redman" (Masters 30-Over). In the womens classes, winners were Holly Kuhn (Youth 14-15), Hanni Bernhart (Junior 16-17), and Marissa Moppee (Jams 18-22).

At the completion of the class races, several "fun" races are held to determine the overall womens and mens champs with a runoff of all the age class winners. This race seems to be more for pride than anything. Charlie Rosol and Holly Kuhn fended off the competition to win the mens and womens overalls respectively.

While the turnout was a little low for the first race of the season, rumors of reduced lift ticket prices for competitors may bring some more boarders out for the next event. Winners in each class were presented with certificates for free lift tickets and second place finishers received a pair of goggles. In addition, all who placed in the top 3 of their class received medals.

If you didn't make it there for this race, get out your board and get ready for February 14th. Additional details on lift tickets and such for the next race will be posted as soon as we get them.