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Sunday, January 17, 1999 -- Kanawha City
5K Frostbite Footrace

[KVRR Winter Series Standings]

Kevin Williams from Dupont won the first race of the Kanawha Valley Road Runners Club (KVRR) 1999 Winter Series. Kevin was pushed to the finish by Cabell Midland High School's Kevin Batey, who finished 4 seconds behind on a great January afternoon run. In the women's race, Sue Redmon of Barboursville nosed out Jessica Taylor of Fayetteville by only 2 seconds.

Place Name Class
Sex Class Time
1Kevin Williams*M15-1916:08
2Kevin Batey1M15-1916:12
3Michael Guinn2M15-1916:19
4Chris Parsons1M30-3916:25
5Larry Taylor2M30-3916:48
6Glenn Baldwin1M40-4916:52
7Scott Clark1M20-2917:22
8Shawn Green3M15-1917:29
9Jeff Morris3M30-3918:14
10Aaron Kaylor2M20-2918:36
11Sue Redmond*F20-2918:43
12Jessica Taylor1F15-1918:45
13Kathy Lencio1F30-3918:57
14Leif Irgens4M30-3919:00
15Harry Bruner1M50-5919:04
16Christine Rawson2F30-3919:07
17Jim Sturgeon2M40-4919:12
18Dale Golf3M40-4919:15
19Bob Swartz5M30-3919:55
20Luke Bruner1M14-under19:57
21Sam Sutton6M30-3920:18
22Jason Underwood3M20-2920:26
23Robert Lyons7M30-3920:39
24Don Jeffery4M40-4920:59
25Tammi Jeffery1F40-4921:13
26Bruce Blankenship5M40-4921:19
27Bernard Haynes6M40-4921:20
28Arnold Stewart2M50-5921:28
29Arron Alred7M40-4921:44
30Jim Riffle3M50-5921:50
31Micael Pomeroy8M30-3922:00
32Matthew Bruner2M14-under22:12
33Tony Green8M40-4922:29
34Brent Bias9M40-4923:12
35Larry Bonham9M30-3923:32
36Rick Hanna10M40-4923:40
37Pam Waybright2F40-4924:01
38Nancy Elam3F30-3924:02
39Jessica Fisher2F15-1924:08
40Zara Lyons3F15-1924:18
41Beth Brunner1F14-under24:48
42Ed Thompson11M40-4924:52
43Tiana Sturgeon2F14-under25:00
44Robert Shaffer10M30-3925:04
45Lionel North1M60-over25:11
46Robin Young4F30-3925:38
47Wendy Romanoski4F15-1925:58
48Tammy Owen5F30-3926:31
49Brian Bridgewater3M14-under28:28
50Cookie Miller3F40-4929:51
51Kim Peck6F30-3930:10
52Jill Bentz1F20-2930:52
53Robert Harris4M50-5933:25