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Saturday, March 6, 1999 -- Charles Town
SVR Claymont Ramble 5K

Place Name Sex Time
5K Run
1Bobby LockhartM16:40
2Ted PoulosM18:26
3Dustin SweeneyM18:30
4Mark VannM19:23
5Karsten BrownM19:43
6Bill SensenyM19:53
7Rick KerbyM19:59
8Brian WhiteM20:20
9Randy WingfieldM20:34
10Bill OsuchM22:09
11Jim ShaughnessyM22:14
12Imants CeltniekM22:27
13Sandy AdamsF22:35
14John SmebyM23:10
15Krista FarrisF23:19
16Michelle VanhornF23:25
17Leslie LawsonF24:11
18Paul GroszM24:20
19Kim WeisgerberF24:27
20Nancy SpechtF24:38
21Steve DobbinM26:42
22Vic WareM26:52
23Glenn LuttrellM27:11
24Eldon WinstonM29:03
25Leesa AndersonF29:39
26Orysia NasarF31:21
27Patrick FarrisM39:21
Fun Run
 James Kerby  
 Khalil Nasar  
 Julie Kerby  
 Jasper Perez  
Stranded on I68: WVOutside has a little difficulty getting a reporter to the Claymont Ramble 5K

Adverse weather in the Cumberland area ( a snow storm on Saturday morning) kept WVOutside from making it to the Claymont Ramble 5K. However, race director Rick Kerby (Email) sent us these notes on the morning's run.

Turnout may have been low due to the cold, rainy conditions - in fact, the only time it rained all day was during the race - but we're still looking forward to next year.

The course is a hit among participants as it winds through the historic Claymont mansion grounds and into the adjacent woods. The course is part pavement and part trail which makes it more interesting than running on all hard surface. After the race, runners lucky enough to have their names pulled out of a hat got to pick from an assortment of random prizes including a 4-pack of toilet paper, a kite, and a hand-held back scrubber.

Local high school freshman phenom Bobby Lockhart won the 5K. Ted Poulos made the trip from the Washington, DC area to run in the rain and add another race to his log book - Ted annually runs in well over a hundred races, usually doubling or tripling up on weekends. Vic Ware traveled all the way from Charleston, WV to run so he could accomplish his goal of running a race in every West Virginia county - In fact, I think our county of Jefferson was one of only two he had left towards that goal. On the woman's side, Sandy Adams placed first in 22:35. Sandy, who competes in the 45-49 age group is getting ready to compete once again in the Boston Marathon in April.

This race was the 8th and last in the 1998-99 SVRC Winter Series and the top five male and female finishers in the point standings will receive awards at the annual Shenandoah Valley Runners Club banquet on March 21.