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Sunday, March 21, 1999 -- Davis
USASA Appalachian Boarder Cross Series IV

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Get it Boys!
Cutting it close as Steven Shepherd
takes the lead
The racers were ready, and rain or shine, they knew the course was tough. There was no avoiding the jump halfway down the mountain, but everyone handled it with their own style, especially Stephen Sheperd, who took 1st place in the JAMS division (ages 18-22). Richard Rominger had an impressive display of speed and took 1st place in the MEN's Senior division (age 23-29).

You go girl!
Jaci Youngblood leans in to capture 1st place in the JAMS Women's division
The women snowboarders were equally impressive as Jaci Youngblood took 1st place in the JAMS womens division.
Hanni Bernhart placed 1st in the JUNIOR womens division (ages 16-17).
Just to show you how happy they are about their victories check out Hanni Bernhart, Steve Sheperd, and Jaci Youngblood at Winners of USASA Appalachian Boarder Cross. Kudos to the young women who serve as role models, getting more females involved in the sport of snowboarding!

Palm Ski Tree
The "Ski Tree" took 1st place in the Luau Costume contest
The Boarder Cross Series IV wasn't the only thing wrapping up the Snowy Luau Festival! Monica Williams won 1st place in the Snowy Luau costume contest as well, you might be able to guess from the picture. In the spirit of the Hawaiian Luau, some dressed in grass skirts, see Corey & date at, Tropical Boys.Check out some more costume coverage on our "more pictures page"! There was also a Technical contest open to all types of skiers and snowboarders, but the only ones daring enough to brave the fog were Telemark Skiers. All in all, the weekend of the Snowy Luau was a huge success! If you missed it, then you missed a lot of fun, but the season's not over yet! Timberline will have the Local's Cup coming up in April, so stay tuned for more details.