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Sunday, May 9, 1999 -- Tomlinson Run State Park
Mother's Day Madness ~2nd Annual Charity Bike Race
Story and Photos by Marty Lamp

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Mother's Day Madness
EJ Sigety crankin' in New Manchester
Just outside New Manchester, in beautiful Tomlinson Run State Park, it was just another sun-drenched afternoon in West Virginia on Mother's Day. If you by chance didn't make it to this great family style mountain bike race, don't even try to use Mom as an excuse, because this race was made for her! Apart from all of the normal classes, The Mother's Day Madness hosts a mothers only class, and a kids race.

The 4.5 mile course twisted and careened around the park, taking the riders by family cookouts with the smell of summertime foods hanging in the air. Although the course boasted no super-technical downhills, or gut-wrenching marathon uphills, it handed the racers plenty. Uphills were short, but strenuous, and the downhills were brief, giving the riders plenty of rolling flats to spin through.

Mother's Day Madness
Tiffanny Kenny on her way to a 1st place finish
Mothers, Kids, and Novice classes all had to negotiate one lap, with all beginner classes riding two, sports hammering out three laps, and experts pounding through four laps.

In the Male Expert class, EJ Sigety(1:16:42) led from beginning to end, but he had no time to relax with Matt Humeston(1:17:09) and Ben Klimas(1:18:58) nipping at his heels. Sigety and Humeston were battling hard and close on the last lap, but the wiley Sigety would not be denied successfully defending his win from the previous year. For the Female Experts, Tiffanny Kenny(1:41:39) had no trouble winning her class as she was the only woman who had the mettle to pedal four laps.

Nick Walker
Look Mom, no hands!
There were plenty of other impressive finishes, also. Patrick Steckman(1:02:58) won the always plentiful Male Sport class, and Courtney Dudley(1:46:51) rode strong to finish in the top spot for the Female Sport class. Bryan Sterns(45:40) led the big boys to the finish in the Clydesdale class, but one class in particular deserves special mention. The four winners of the Mothers class were Teresa Jones, Judy Brand, Kim Elliott, and Ann Lawson, respectively.

After the race, the awards were bountiful, with cash prizes going to the top three expert finishers, and all top three class finishers having their pick at a great prize table. Thanks to Dave Lawson for putting on a great event, and thanks to all the Moms who made it happen!