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Saturday, May 15 May 15
Rocco's Ristorante 5 Mile Road Race
Story by Don Parks with photos by Lew McGrath

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Robert Smith speeds through the streets of Ceredo
Rocco's Ristorante can fix you up some mighty fine Italian Cuisine, not to mention they know how to put on a great running race. What a great combination. First, on Friday night, some delicious carbo-loading compliments of Rocco. Then, on the beautiful Saturday morning of May 15th, a 5 mile run through the streets of Ceredo. Well fed and well rested, the competitors took to the streets at nine in the morning.

Just two weeks earlier, Zach Anderson, Robert Smith, and Scott Clark raced to a 1-2-3 finish, respectively, at the Fyffe Jones 4.01K. Less than a dozen seconds separated them at the finish and they were poised to race again, but this time at about twice the distance.

McFann, Barker and Cory chase the leaders
Taking advantage of the longer distance was Smith, who didn't take long to distance himself from his rivals. He finished the five miles in 27:45 to take the overall victory. It seems Anderson struggled a little more with the extra miles as he finished third overall in 28:51 with Clark taking second in 28:32.

It was a much closer battle for the title of fastest woman in the field. At the finish it was Angela Holley-Malone (31:51) edging out Kelly McGraw (32:03) as they finished 15th and 16th overall. Crossing the line 3rd was Chelsea Walls finishing in 34:46.

Hungry Dog
Some folks come to Rocco's just for the food!
There were many more great racers in the field of 130, and that doesn't even include the many walkers who came out to enjoy the fun. Rocco and his wife even joined in as participants in the running.

As everyone finished, there was the need to replenish all that energy that was burned on the pavement of Ceredo. Well, the generous crew of Rocco's Ristorante were certainly not going to disappoint. With plenty of everything, from your favorite beverages to a variety of fruits to delicious pizza, it was nothing less than a party in the streets!