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Saturday, June 5, 2000 - Sunday, June 6, 1999 -- Canaan Valley, WV
24 Hours of Canaan
Story by Don Parks with photos by WVOutside staff journalists

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About to feel the Pain of Canaan!
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[1998 24 Hours of Canaan]
Note: The following race-time log was updated roughly every 4 hours by ultra-journalist Don Parks during the 1999 24 Hours of Canaan, June 5-6th.
First 3 Laps 4:00pm, Sat.

Trek's Chris Eatough gets his team off to a fast start
Saturday, July 5th, and it's not the usual weather that seasoned 24 hour racers have become accustomed to in Canaan Valley. That's good news! The rain, cold, and mud that has been such a common element of Canaan racing has been replaced with warm breezy weather, plenty of sunshine and a dry fast course.

Another change this year that there is no all male or all female pro four-person teams. The top racers are now in the newly formed four-person pro/am category. They will still be the teams to beat.

Proof of the fast conditions could be seen in the phenomenal time recorded by Trek East Coast's first rider, Chris Eatough. The first to finish the initial lap out of the 500 teams. His time of 59 minutes opens the possibility of a team to surpass last year's winning total of 21 laps.

Passing Trek in the second lap was Paul Bell riding for Cane Creek. His lap set a new standard with a finishing time of just 58 minutes. Cane Creek benefited from chain trouble as David Duvall fought to problems to finish in 1:02.

The third lap saw the women take on the course for the leading teams. During the lap, Trek's Sue Haywood was able to move her team back into the front by two minutes with a lap time of 1:09. Cane Creek's Willow Koerber wasn't far behind as she finished in 1:11 and leaving her team just two minutes off the lead.

First 7 Laps 8:00pm, Sat.

The 24 Minutes of Canaan let's everyone enjoy the action
Libor Karas started the afternoon fun with a trials exhibition that is always a crowd favorite. He'll be at it again under the lights tonight and back for more tomorrow.

On the racing front, the 24 Minutes of Canaan kids race went off with many eager participants. Complete with their own Le-Mans style start, no one knows for sure if the kids or the spectators are having more fun.

Back on the big kid racing front, Trek East Coast is building a lead as their first seven laps were recorded all under an hour and ten minutes. Cane Creek continues to chase but has slowly lost time with female rider Willow Koerber clocking in at 7:46 to complete their seventh lap. Trek's Katie Compton went out to start Trek's eighth lap at 7:28 after Sue Haywood completed her second 1:09 lap to give them an 18 minute lead.

We're just one-third of the way into the race so anything can happen as the congested and dry course continues to challenge all the riders.

10 Laps - Halfway 12:00am, Midnight Sat.

It's into the night at Canaan
Another Libor Karas demonstration started off the night life with roars of approval. Checking in on the leaders has little changing at the front of the race. But, back in the field there's plenty of stories of heroism, flat tires, and new scars.

In the Coed Pro-Am class, Trek has continued to ride strong with 10 laps under their belts before midnight. Team Trek started their 11th lap at 10:47, and every lap so far has been under 1:10, plus they've built a 25 minute lead on the still-chasing Cane Creek, finishing their tenth at 11:12pm.

The four-person expert teams are also spinning great laps with four minutes separating the top three teams after nine laps. Bio Wheels/Jamis Racing II finished theirs at 10:19 with FHW and Bio Wheels/Jamis Racing I on their wheels at 10:22 and 10:23, respectively. The women expert class has the Rocket Gurls running in first with seven laps recorded by 10:47pm.

Still over half a race to go, so check back and we'll get you updated.

14 Laps and Rolling 4:00am, Sun.

24 Hours of Canaan
Don't look into the light!
It's four in the morning and the teams have now been out racing for 16 hours, only eight more to go. Team Trek East Coast is beginning to look unstoppable as they continue to build their lead over Cane Creek. Trek had completed an incredible 14 laps at 3:33 in the morning. Cane Creek was still out on their lap 14 after getting it started at 2:57, giving up 36 minutes.

In the four-person men's expert race we missed the first place team in our previous checks. Absurd Circus has been leading the way completing their first 13 in 2:56. That is good enough to sit them in second overall. Still doing battle about a half-hour back are Bio Wheels/Jamis Racing II, FHW, and Bio Wheels/Jamis Racing I. Bio/Jamis II and FHW came in together to complete both their 13th laps at 3:24. Still chasing is Bio/Jamis I just 5 minutes back.

The expert women's team, Rocket Gurls, still leads their class with nine laps completed by 2:15. But, there's still plenty more racing and, in every class, only time will tell who will end the 24 hours on top of the podium.

17 and Counting 8:00am, Sun.

The morning sun shines on Tom Eagleson (Team Treehuggers)
The sun is shining again on the hills and valleys of Canaan, and the mountain bikes continue to churn out the miles. Just four more hours and it's team Trek East Coast's looking like winners. At 7:09am they recorded their 17th lap. Their closest pro-am rival, Cane Creek, was still out after completing their 16th lap at 6:54, 49 minutes behind Trek at the time.

Absurd Circus still holds a good lead in the men's expert with 16 laps recorded at 6:44 which also keeps them in second overall. Also on 16 laps in the expert field is the continued close race between FHW (7:11), now sitting in second, with Bio Wheels/Jamis Racing II (7:13) and I (7:16) still in their shadows. Not to be overlooked, Sexual Chocolate is doing well with 16 laps in at 7:34.

The Rocket Gurls hold a two lap lead in the expert women's with 12 laps at 7:31 compared to City Bike Sirens 10 at 7:39. In the duo-pro class (two rider teams) Gary Fisher/Shenandoah Mtn. Touring holds a solid lead over VBS with 14 laps completed at 6:17 and 7:09, respectively.

Still a lot of racing to go and we'll be back after noon to tell you who's on the podium.

Down for the Count 12:30pm, Sun.

Sue Haywood, Trek
Sue Haywood and the Trek East Coast team seemed to coast to a victory
As the countdown to twelve noon Sunday reached zero, the flood of weary but thrilled finishers poured into the finish area. The first coed pro-am finisher across the line was Cane Creek, but the noon finish wasn't quite enough. At 12:02 Trek East Coast rolled to the finish with 21 laps to Cane Creeks 20. Not only a win but a new 24 Hours of Canaan course record (and a very healthy paycheck!)

The first mens experts to complete the race were both FHW and Bio Wheels/Jamis I also at 12:02. But their total of 20 laps only tied them for second. Kudos to Jamis I for overtaking their fellow Jamis II team late in the morning and catching the FHW team in the final laps.. Jamis II completed their 20th lap at 12:07 to take fourth. The apparent winners are Absurd Circus who are currently on the course finishing their 21st lap. They started at 11:41 and barring disaster have secured the top spot on the expert podium.

The Rocket Gurls held form to finish atop the expert womens field with 15 laps completed at 12:14. In the duo-pro battle, second place VBS took in 16 laps right at noon. Soon after, at 12:01, Gary Fisher/Shenandoah Mtn. Touring finished with a very impressive 18 laps to take the title.

Sorry we couldn't keep you up-to-date on more results and in all the racing categories, but come on back for a whole slew of great pictures in the coming weeks. For the first news of complete results, check with our friend Granny over at her place. Look for more and better coverage from Granny and WVOutside at 24 Hours of Canaan 2000!