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Sunday, July 4, 1999 -- Wheeling
Veteran Memorial 5K Run/Walk
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

Note: Complete results were not available.
Any questions please contact Race Director Dale Lanefeld by e-mail

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Running by the River
Racers of all ages came to run by the river
Before the booming fireworks and 4th of July picnics on Sunday, all was quiet on the river front in Wheeling. Dale Landefeld and his crew were getting ready for the Veteran Memorial 5K Run and Walk, which used to be a 10K race. "I used to run here when it was a 10K years ago." said a spectator, "Some people miss the 10K, but this race is great." A change in plans for the 5K course to be run on the Heritage Trail this year was a change for the better for many runners. The trail was paved and flat, the race was up and back with the finish in the shade. The humid weather was a factor, even at 9 a.m., and a lot of people were slowing down their paces in the last mile of the run.

5K Run Start
Rickey Moore & Julie McGee lead the pack at the start
Out in front at the first mile mark, in a race of his own was Festival 5K winner, Rickey Moore. "I always run hardest the first mile," said Moore, "the last mile, I tend to slow down because there's nobody there to push me and I have to run at my own pace. I haven't run since the St. Vincent's Festival 5K. I took two weeks off to rest my legs." Rickey may have taken time off, but he looked as fast as ever when he finished 1st overall with a time of 16.10! Stewart Stickel (16:22) and Skipper Hayes (16:40) had some fast finishing times of their own.

The Top 3 Walkers
John Mike Nichols(35:00)
Bill Cunningham(32:57)
Steve Bence(28:20)
The first fifty finishers received awards in the 5K Run and the first twenty five finishers in the 5K Walk also received awards. All finishers however got to take home red, white, and blue ribbon medallions. There was pop and Dominos Pizza for all, and live entertainment to get you in the mood to celebrate the 4th. Many stayed around to cheer on the overall winners of both the Run and the Walk as they received their trophies in front of the Civic Center. Lots of friendly faces and hand shakes seems to be what Wheeling is all about, and WVOutside thanks those fine folks for all of their support and