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Saturday, July 3, 1999 -- Fayetteville
Fayetteville 5K Kid's Bike Race
Story and photos by Don Parks

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Starting Line
Ready to be unleashed on the streets
After everyone was done running through the streets of Fayetteville at the 5K and 1 Mile runs, evening settled in on Fayetteville for Saturday, July 3rd. But, it became the perfect time for a 5K Kid's Bike Race. Just after 8:00pm, amateur racers age 14 and under were given the go to speed through a 5K (3.1-mile) course on downtown and nearby streets.

David Meadows
David Meadows fights toward the finish
One more event was underway in conjunction with the annual Fayetteville Heritage Festival. With the flag dropped and racing in progress, legs were spinning frantically as many sprinted for the early edge. One racer was being a little more patient as he watched the others race to the front. Zach Carte wasn't uncomfortable staying back in the pack, it was the middle of the race where he slowly passed the other riders, one at a time, until he found himself in the lead. "I was pacing myself, they went out too hard," is how he summed it up.

Josh Treadway
Josh Treadway speeds to the finish line
Tyler Bragg and David Meadows battled just behind but could only chase. All three finished within seconds as Carte crossed the line first at 11:21 with Bragg (11:23) fighting off Meadows (11:24) at the line for second.

All the racers did a tremendous job and endured the hot weather (and several mechanical problems) to put their best pedals forward. As dusk dimmed to dark, the final awards were given out including some wonderfully big trophies. Big kudos must go out to Daniel's Fresh Food Market in Fayetteville for sponsoring all the fun.