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Tuesday, August 10, 1999 -- Harrisville
Hughes River Road Race 5K Run/Walk
Story & photos by Julie Bertsch

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5K Race Start
Runners & walkers start the 5K!
You can still get 25 cent "pony rides" in front of the Family Dollar Store, which happens to be right around the corner from the seventy- six or so year old Court House, where people of all ages gathered to sign up for the Hughes River Road Race 5K. Even a local reporter, Kent Spellman, from the Ritchie County Gazette was pinning a race number on! Last year, mother nature was less cooperative by showering the participants with some unseasonably cold rain. A quick little rain storm cooled off the evening long before the race was ready to start this year, and it was blue skies from there on out.

Eighty-five runners and walkers were ready to go, and as the signal was given, they took off into the sunset. The course was on paved roads over some rolling hills, including 2 semi-steep inclines, and past many beautiful, Victorian style houses.

Battling for 2nd Overall
Steven Hiser & Micheal Bee are neck and neck into the last turn
After the first mile, Cole Carpenter was leading the pack heading up the first steep incline. Steven Hiser had a short lead on Micheal Bee, who was nipping at Hiser's heals up the hill. As the police car rolled fast down the last downhill into the 1/2 mile stretch just before the finish, so did Cole Carpenter. His "chasers" couldn't catch him, as he high stepped it to the finish line to receive the Overall winner's trophy, and a sweet time of 17:29.

Bee had pulled ahead of Hiser in the 2nd mile, but he would not hold onto his 2nd place lead for long. As the two runners approached the corner at the last 1/2 mile mark, Stephen Hiser turned on the juice and kicked it in to pull 4 seconds ahead of Bee to capture 2nd place Overall with a time of 17:45. It was certainly an exciting finish for the top winners. Micheal Bee (17:49), really kept up a great pace to finish 3rd Overall in the 5K.

No looking back!
Giti Farudi doesn't look back as she strides high to the finish
The race for the top women's spot was not quite as close. Giti Farudi (22:08), was the 1st Woman Finisher, and 20th in the race overall. She finished 32 seconds ahead of Rachel Fox, who's time was 22:40. Fox took home the 2nd place trophy for the Women's Overall category. Kristen Daugherty (23:16), ran her own race and stayed ahead of Jolene Taylor to finish as the third woman finisher.

The top walkers were pretty spread out, but Bill Cunningham was way out in front as he crossed the finish line with a 32:13. The first woman finisher for the 5k Walk was Martha Marks, who had a time of 34:28.

Look out, here I come!
Some future champions run in the Kid's Race
One of the most exciting races of the day took place before 80 plus people raced in the 5K. The 1/2 Mile Hughes Kid's Race had 30 or more "youngsters" ready to run down to the Firehouse and back! Aaron Hinzman & Kayla Ayers were the first boy and girl to finish the race. After the Top Kid's Race Winners received their trophies, every child in the race was given a medal and then it was time for some ice cream!

A special thank you goes out to Race Director Jan Hughes and her staff volunteers who really put on a great race and a good time!