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Friday, August 13, 1999 -- Weirton
Marland Heights 5K Classic
Story & photos by Julie Bertsch

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Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy paces himself to the finish
It's a well known fact that some people feel that Friday the 13th is the most unlucky day of the year. There were many people in Weirton on Friday night, with the threat of a thunderstorm and some serious, heavy rain clouds hanging above their heads, they felt pretty lucky regardless of what day it was. And they were. The rain stopped just long enough to sneak in the Marland Heights 5K Classic! Everyone lined up, the flag was waved, and they were off heading up into the residential, rolling hills of the neighborhood.

Shane Murphy didn't need any luck, as he conquered the hills and humidity of the 5K with a time of 17:32, to take home the 1st place Overall trophy. A minute or so behind Murphy, Mitch Radella (18:45), held onto a 7 second lead ahead of Joe Wade, to take 2nd Overall. Joe Wade (18:52), finished 3rd Overall in the race, respectively.

Kathy Willming
Kathy Willming runs it out through some tough humidity
The race for top three women's trophies was fairly spread out. Amanda Morris finished 2 minutes ahead of the women with a time of 22:25. Morris was the 1st Overall Woman Finisher of the run. Kathy Willming (24:39) ran at her own pace to receive the Women's 2nd Overall trophy. "It was so hot out there today." said Willming, "I was really hoping that it would start raining during the race!" The 3rd Women's Overall Finisher was Sucha Vojrodich with a time of 27:50.

The 2 Mile Walk had all kinds of categories. Everything from the stroller category to the "walk with your pets" category. Way out in front of all the walkers, was George Macek, leaning into his speed-walking strides to finish 1st with a time of 19:33. "It was just non-stop hills out there!" explained Macek, "It was a really, rolling course." Macek's buddy, Terry Whitecotton (20:58) finished 2nd Overall in the walk. "I can't wait until George starts running these races again." Whitecotton said jokingly.

Mohamad Hassan, Terry Whitecotton, George Macek
The Top 3 Walkers lead the way from start to finish
Terry Whitecotton also received the Bill Bradley Award, which is in the memory of Bill Bradley, who was a person who enjoyed running, and helping organize many races. The 3rd Overall walker, Mohammad Hassan finished with a great time of 21:22.

After the race was over, many families stuck around to swim, play some miniature golf, and enjoy some hotdogs and burgers at the cookout! Kevin Elias did a wonderful job announcing the winners, and making sure that everyone was having a good time. "This used to be a very competitive 10K," said Elias, "but we wanted it to be more family oriented. It's now become a big community event." Thanks to the Weirton Medical Center volunteers, things ran smoothly. WVOutside will be sure to be back next year!