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Saturday, October 9, 1999 -- Salem, Cairo
3rd Annual Race for Shelter
Story by Nathan Ferguson with photos by Diann Clothier & Marty Lamp

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Race for Shelter
John Linderman and Nick Kimber after a quick 40
The 3rd Annual Race for Shelter this year really proved to be just that for the racers. The lingering possibility of rain throughout the day made everyone ride just a little faster towards the end of the race. The race began in the quaint town of Cairo and ended in Salem where the Apple Butter Festival was taking place, and there was shelter there for the racers.

The race this year had a larger field of participants than last year. In fact this year there was a rider all the way from New Zealand that showed up to race. At approximately 9:30 the eight relay teams took off with their batons. Then at 9:45 the twenty-six solo racers went off on their journey.

The pace was set fast and early by Thomas Samples with his son on his bike in a child carrier. About four miles into the race, the experts hammered through their first set of single track, with the second set of single track shortly after the first. All of the other classes remained on the rails to trails for the race.

Race for Shelter
Smiling at the finish
The expert class was dominated by Nick Kimber(2:18:39), and John Linderman(2:18:40), I came in third with a time of (2:44:10). Those two riders really went fast. But they didn't get to enjoy the scenery nearly as much as I did! ha, ha...

The sport class was won by Richard Blind with a time of (2:21:05),he was third overall. Don Hill(2:31:06)was riding pretty close but Richard was too much towards the end. Scott Frame improved his time over 18 minutes from last year to take third at (2:34:00).

The Veteran class was won by Dowain Ford at (2:23:05), with Randy Stemple coming in second with (2:26:44), and Phil Cottrell taking third with a time of (2:39:44).

Race for Shelter
Nathan Ferguson enjoying the scenery
The Junior Expert class was won by David Layman(2:33:09). The Junior sport class champion was Duncan Oliver(3:22:44). Mens Beginner class was dominated by Doug Wayne(2:40:41) with Scott Brown coming in second(2:51:18).

Kevin Murphy was third with a respectable time of (3:06:19). Cindi Riley was the winner of Womens Beginner at (3:42:08).

Masters racers are always tough competitors. This was a race all the way to the finish with these close times. David Williams(3:22:46), James Layman(3:23:11)and Ray Suppa(3:23:32) rounding out the top three.

The bread and butter of this race is the relay teams. All of the teams want to win, but they also have a pretty good time in the process of the race. The top three teams this year were John Keough's team with a time of(3:02:07), Scott Bastin's team(3:03:07) and Steve Jones's team(3:12:55).

The meal after the race by Robertos was excellent. The race was well organized and they helped make everyone feel they came away a winner; which they did. Remember, life is full of uncertainties; don't assume that Habitat for Humanity won't be helping a friend of ours, or maybe even us someday. Support these races, and make sure to come out next year and hammer the trail.