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Sunday, October 10, 1999 -- Richwood
Mountain Color Mountain Bike Race
Story and photos by Pam Anderson

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Mountain Color MTB
Playing in the mud at Summit Lake
The mountains of the Monongahela National Forest, ablaze with colors of yellow, orange, and red, made for a spectacular scenic backdrop for the 12th Annual Mountain Color Mountain Bike Race, despite the rainy day. Mountain bikers, young and old, gathered just outside Richwood at Summit Lake for a race through the steep, rugged terrain. All racers completed a figure eight loop that amounted to 9.5 miles. Expert and sport classes pedaled through the mud on the second lap one extra time for a total of 17 miles.

When asked by another rider, "Is it easier the second time around?", Matthew Bramlee (second Men's Sport) replied, "I wish; the mud was really bad on the second lap after everyone had been through it." This comment about the course was heard from all the riders; it was very slick and muddy, with many wet roots and rocks to keep the racers' attention.

Mountain Color MTB
Jonas Anderson on his second lap
This year's Men's Pro/Expert Class boasted the skilled riding of David Wendell(1:45). Wendell finished 1st in his class, and 1st overall. Just 10 minutes behind Wendell was Jonas Anderson(1:55), who got the win in the Men's Junior Expert Class. Capturing first place in the Men's Sport Class was Clark Lanthier(1:54).

On the short course, Mark Carrico(1:02) had the fastest time of the day en route to winning the Men's Veteran Class. Other class winners include Bryan O'Dell(1:04) for the Men's Beginner Class, and Maggie O'Dell(1:17) for the Women's Beginners. In the Men's Masters Class, David Robbins(1:10) got the win.

After a wet and muddy race all the participants enjoyed a lunch and the exchanging of stories with race organizers Glenn and Kim Tyler-Stirling.