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Sunday, November 7, 1999 -- Sissonville
Sissonville Cyclocross/MTB Race #1
Story by Lori Garbesi with photos by Lori Garbesi and Diann Clothier

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Sissonville Race #1
Cyclocross action from Sissonville
Sunday, November 7, 1999 proved to be a spectacular day for the first race of the season. Sunny skies and moderately warm temperatures made the setting in Sissonville one that was nothing other than picture perfect. The turn-out of anxious competitors was also quite impressive, with roughly 65 willing and able bodies to tackle the course. Wonderfully enough, there were several female competitors this year. It's great to see so much enthusiasm.

The race began at the parking lot at the bottom of the long steep climb, quickly leading onto a gradual climb through a cow pasture up to a ridge that led to a downhill containing numerous obstacles that led to the road. Riders were on the road approximately 1/2 mile before dropping into a wooded area and creek bed area.

Following that, riders dismounted to run up a steep climb leading to a zig-zag line through a field and up another steep climb. The remainder of the course wound through wooded singletrack completing the 1.7 mile loop. Men's Expert classes completed 5 laps with the remaining categories doing varying distances down to the first timers and kids who competed for just a single lap.

Sissonville Race #1
Mandi Williams hurdling another obstacle
Taking the lead in the Men's Expert division was none other than Gunnar Shogren(42:58), with Mike Bowen(43:51) pursuing hard and fast for second place, and Thomas Samples(45:17) close behind for third place.

In the women's division, Jennifer Shogren(34:00) finished first, but right on her back wheel was Jenette Williams(34:04), finishing second. Mandi Williams(36:34) finished third.

Thanks go out to Steve Thaxton for promoting the race and providing all the fun and entertainment for the spectators and participants. There were many, many sponsors whose contributions are greatly appreciated as well. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the next race, so they can work off the extra Thanksgiving pounds.