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Saturday, January 8, 2000 -- Snowshoe, WV
Psychocross Mountain Championships
Story & photos by Julie Bertsch

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Psychocross 2000
When push comes to shove
The smell of snow in the air, great conditions, and a good base with some powder set the stage for the Psychocross Mountain Championship 2000 at Snowshoe Mountain's well-groomed obstacle course at Silver Creek dubbed with the name, Mountaineer Terrain Park. A good turn-out of boarders and skiers made their way to the yurt for pre-race instructions.

"They'll be pushin' and a shovin' out there when it all gets started!" said #1 Psycho-fan, Pat Hawks, "There could be some blood on the snow before this day is over."

Psychocross 2000
Leaning into the turns & curves
The course wound it's way around the outside of the half-pipe, sending racers banking to the right, around more slalom flags, and then up onto a technical curve which led them onto a large jump. "The course would be tough for a boarder that didn't lead with their left foot," said a fellow snowboarder who helped set up the course, "I lead with my right, and that means that one knarly turn would be a heal-turn, which is a tough move to make." Barreling down in heats of up to 5 racers, with the music pumpin' and their hearts thumpin' as they rounded the mid-course curve to a technical jump on the right, close to the spectators view. Three hump-like wave jumps were waiting at the end for the big finish.

Psychocross 2000
Defying gravity on the slopes
Some heated battles for the top spots brought out the best in many, as only the fastest runs made it to the finals. In the end, it was skier Aaron Mountain who reigned as King of the Mountain, and the days overall champion with the fastest run at Mountaineer Terrain park. Some other top finishers of the day were Thurston Willis (Men 9-12), Mikey Valach (Men 13-16), Judd Grilers (Men 21-24), Eric Cormack (Men 25-30), Mike "Swifty" Messinger (Men 31+), and Heather Hoyle, as the top finisher for the Women.

Special thanks goes out to Snowshoe Mountain, Race Director Kirsten Keller, Snowshoe's Communications Manager Joe Stevens, and to all who made this event a great success.