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Sunday, January 16, 2000 -- Davis, WV
Appalachian Snowboard Series Slalom
Story and photos by Marty Lamp

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Jaci Youngblood flying through the slalom course
The snow-packed slopes of Timberline Ski Resort were groomed to near perfect conditions on Sunday, January 16th, for the first major race of the season. Spectators watched from the bottom, and while riding the lift, with an abundance of skiers and snowboarders enjoying this classic resort nestled inside Davis.

Although the temperatures reached up into the 40's, the sun never really broke through the fast-moving clouds, and it was still quite cold as the wind made it presence felt in powerful gusts. Snow conditions were great as racers made their way to the top of the course for the 10am start.

Brent Easton on his first run
Racers were given two runs to put together their fastest overall times through the twenty gate course. In the Men's Senior 23-29 class, David Kubichek posted the two fastest times enroute to his overall and class win with two smooth, flawless runs, and a combined time of 66.36. Taking a break from the mountain bike, Ben Klimas was fast enough to earn second place in the Men's Senior class with a time of 78.53.

Jaci Youngblood(78.72) was the fastest female on the course, as she won the Women's Jams 18-22 class. In the Men's Jams 18-22 class, Thomas Nichols(68.36) got the win, and finished second overall, while Andrew Guercio(69.10) won the Men's Masters 30-39 class, and finished a fleet third overall.

Thanks and appreciation go to Annie Snyder for her hard work in making this event happen, for handling the results, and for always sharing a warm smile.