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Sunday, January 23, 2000 -- Athens, OH
OU Cyclocross Race
Story & photos by Julie Bertsch

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OU Cyclocross Race
A mass start for the men
Biking in the winter is always challenging, but add the thrill of a cyclocross course to a snowy day ride, and you've got some real ridin' fun! The Ohio University Cycling Team hosted the OU Cyclocross Race, complete with a course right on campus. Mountain bikes were welcome, and were certainly the bike of choice for the "slippery when wet" conditions. Even the race organizers were into riding in the snow, and tackling the spectator friendly, short course. Some water bottle switching was needed, since many of the riders water bottles were frozen solid.

OU Cyclocross Race
Dave Light springs into action right from the start
The Men's A, B, and C classes raced together, and begun the race with one mass start. The Men's A class raced for 50 minutes, B class for 40 min., and C class for 30. Getting a strong lead from the start was Dave Light. His colorful cycling attire (as his friends joked), could be seen flying up, down, and over the cyclocross obstacles. Light kept his lead to the very end, and only seemed to get faster as time went on as he finished 1st in the Men's A class. Jacob Prater rode away with 2nd, and Bryan Banks took 3rd in the Men's A Class.

OU Cyclocross Race
Meredith Erlewine is no stranger to racing in slippery conditions
The women raced 2nd as the weather was getting colder, and the course was certainly muddied after the men had finished. Lorena Brown speed away from the starting line with some fire, and kept up a good pace, but Jennifer Dean was gaining after the first 3 laps. Dean managed to pass Brown, and keep a steady lead to win the Women's A Class, 40 minute race. Lorenea Brown rode a great race, and finished 2nd. Meredith Erlewine finished 3rd, respectively. Erlewine has raced on slippery surfaces before. "I raced in the muddiest 24 Hours of Canaan that there ever was." Erlewine said. Finishing first in the Women's B Class was Emily Maurer.

OU Cyclocross Race
Peter Moran flies over the boards
Tire to tire to the finish was the Men's B Class winner Peter Moran, and the Men's A Class 3rd place winner, Bryan Banks. Morgan and Banks battled lap after lap, as they pushed each other until the very end. It proved to be an exciting finish, that had both riders digging it through the snow to the finish.

In the Men's B Class, Mike Dickerson took 2nd, and Joey Boyle spun his pedals for 3rd.

OU Cyclocross Race
Dave Janis hoofs it up the hill
The race for first in the Men's C Class, 30 min. race was fairly spread out. In the end it was Dave Janis (that guy in the polo shirt as everyone described him), who came in 1st. Chris Huck rode hard for 2nd, and Chad Sypolt took 3rd.

After the race, many prizes were given away, and everyone warmed their cold faces with some hot beverages. Special thanks goes out to the friendly people at Ohio University, and especially Jennifer Dean, and Bryan Banks.

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