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Sunday, February 27, 2000 -- Davis, WV
Timberline Classic Telemark Race

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S/T/A: Each run scored on combined score consisting of the number of seconds(S) to complete, the number of turns(T) and the judges score for aerials(A). A required mimimum of 20 turns was required with additional turns not counting toward the total score. Aerial score was judged on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the best.

Plc Name S/T/A Run 1 S/T/A Run 2 Total
1Shelley Kovacs27202.049.031202.053.0102.0
2Steve Kaufman29203.052.031203.554.5106.5
3Rob Swanson28204.052.042202.064.0116.0
4Joe Dawley33205.058.038204.062.0120.0
5Eric Swanson37203.560.542204.066.0126.5
6Eric & Marcella Robisch*100105.075.083101.062.5137.5
7Shawn Riggle47205.072.075203.598.5170.5
-Darell Hensley---DNF32203.055.0DSQ
* The tandem scoring was modified to calculate the composite total for each run as one-half their time and double their minimum requirement of 10 turns.