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Saturday, February 26, 2000 -- Kanawha City, WV
Apollo's Winter Run 5K

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PLEASE NOTE: The results posted below are based on the information WVOutside recieved from race director Bradley Merritt. We realize that there are obvious errors and we have done our best with what we received. If you can help with any corrections or suggestions we would be happy to hear them. But, please direct any complaints or questions to the race director.

Place Name Class
Sex Class Time
1Steve Crowder1M20-2814:06
2Mikey Guinn1M15-1914:18
3Kevin Batey2M15-1914:31
4Larry Taylor1M37-4315:06
5Andy Pearson2M20-2815:24
6Aaron Kaylor3M20-2815:28
7Justin Cox3M15-1915:39
8Duane Dombek1M44-5215:52
9Eric Anderson4M15-1916:00
10Nick Dent1M00-1416:12
11Brent Garrett5M15-1916:16
12Troy Hughes1M29-3616:30
13Justin Waybright6M15-1916:32
14Mike Massey7M15-1916:33
15Harry Bruner Jr2M44-5216:54
16Jessica Taylor1F15-19???
17Matt Pack8M15-1916:55
18Jerry Bostic2M37-4317:02
19Kenneth Hopper9M15-1917:13
20Matt Reed10M15-1917:30
21James Sturgeon3M44-5217:34
22Bill Henrichs3M37-4317:37
23Connie Young1F44-5217:37
24Steve McGraw4M44-5217:38
25Casey Fuller2M00-1417:40
26Stephen Legge5M44-5217:41
27Bruce Rounds4M37-4318:18
28Jacob Winter3M00-1418:23
29Bruce Blankenship6M44-5218:30
30Chris Lambert2M29-3618:43
31Roxanne Carte1F37-4318:54
32Seldon Linkous5M37-4319:05
33Matt Miksit4M20-2819:41
34Ted Brady3M29-3619:59
35John D Palmer1M53-6020:11
36Jack Tinney4M29-3620:23
37Tim Herzog5M29-3620:25
38Joseph J Oliver6M29-3620:34
39Kristen Daugherty2F15-1920:37
40Shelly Young3F15-1920:40
41Tom Hopper2M53-6020:41
42Dan Baran5M20-2820:41
43David Dombek4M00-1420:41
44Mike Taylor6M37-4321:01
45Sprague Hazard3M53-6021:10
46Bryan Caldey7M37-4321:13
47Frank Fazzalard7M29-3621:50
48Ashley Williams4F15-1921:55
49Cate Powell1F00-1422:06
50Bruce Larson8M37-4322:24
51Richard Kitching11M15-1922:24
52Don Simroth1M61-9922:46
53Robin Young1F29-3623:07
54Tiana Sturgeon5F15-1923:17
55Bobby Rhyne8M29-3623:50
56Nancy Anne Francis6F15-1924:28
57Anne Barth2F37-4324:40
58Eric Holmes12M15-1925:58
59Jim Cook9M37-4326:05
60Amy G2F29-3629:53
-Jared Smith-M20-28DNF