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Saturday, March 25, 2000 -- Philadelphia, PA
2nd Annual Rocky Run 5K
(Yo Adrian, Have You Seen My Sneakers?)
Story and photos by our Philly Representative, Joe Bertsch

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2nd Annual Rocky Run
The infamous steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum
Have you ever imagined yourself running up the famed Art Museum steps as the famous fictitious character The Italian Stallion, Rocky Bowboa did in Rocky I? Well, runners and walkers in the 2nd Annual Rocky Run 5K this past Saturday, March 25, 2000 got to do just that, well almost that.

The race, which started at Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive, was suppose to culminate in a dash up the steps of the Art Museum. However, due to the tremendous turn out of people and construction, the race ended up back in front Lloyd Hall. Nevertheless, this small glitch in the plans did not take away from the great atmosphere surrounding the race. Both the Male and Female overall winners of the race would be crowned, Champions of the Rocky Run 5K with authentic, Everlast boxing robes just like "Sly" wore in the Rocky movie. All proceeds raised in the race were donated to Christmas in April of Philadelphia, a volunteer-based program dedicated to the rehabilitation of homes of low-income, elderly and/or disabled homeowners.

2nd Annual Rocky Run
Feeling just fine on Kelly Drive just before the finish line
As the runners and walkers checked in and prepared for the race, they were greeted by one the most motivating songs in the history of sports, Rocky's theme, The Eye of the Tiger. It was a perfect day for a 5K run in Philadelphia's beautiful Fairmount Park, along Kelly Drive and Boat House Row. The temperature was a pleasant 64 degrees with some scattered clouds. With the gorgeous weather provided by Mother Nature came lots of bikers, walkers and runners that were not in the race. This posed as an additional obstacle for the 120 runners and walkers along with those that they were competing against.

2nd Annual Rocky Run
A smooth, paved path for runners on the Rocky race course
As the race came into its eighteen minute the first runner could be seen approaching the finish line. Tim Lilieuthol, a reserve in the Marine Cores attending school at St. Joseph's, was well ahead of the pack finishing in a time of 18 minutes and 35 seconds. For Lilieuthol, a Willow Grove, PA native, this is his first Rocky Run. Lilieuthol stated that he has been running for about eight years starting in his freshmen year of high school and "just loves to run, period."

My "Eye of the Tiger Award", and one of the most outstanding performances of the day has to go to Kelly Geraghty. Geraghty, a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, came in an astonishing second place overall with a time of 19 minutes and 12 seconds. This was also Geraghty's first Rocky Run. Geraghty, who likes to train on her own, ran cross country and in-door and out-door track in High School.

2nd Annual Rocky Run
Marv Levy has a strong finish at the Rocky Run
Another outstanding performance well worth mentioning was given by Marv and Sue Levy in the 50 and over age category. Sue Levy won the female 50 and over category while her husband showed everyone that you're never too young to get up and run a 5K race. Both Sue and Marv showed everyone that they have the hearts of an Italian Stallion.

As Mr. T (Clubbler Lang), said in the movie Rocky III, "I pity the fool" who doesn't make it down to next year's 3rd Annual Rocky Run at Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, along Kelly Drive.

Special Thanks: Goes out to Mandy Scheps for her cooperation and hard work, and for the overall winner results.