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Saturday, April 15, 2000 -- Morgantown, WV
Run Forrest ... Run!!
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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Run Forrest...Run!
The Kid's Race was a treat
The course was complete, with deep mud puddles and log jams to spice up the hilly trek through the woods. It's a well known fact that the Run Forrest...Run!! has been one of the most challenging 5K's to run in West Virginia for years. Camp Mountaineer (and the race directors), provide runners and walkers with a trail full obstacles such as rocks, mud, logs, roots, and maybe some small woodland creatures if you're lucky. It's pretty hard to get lost in all of the madness though, since the scenic path is so well marked with fluorescent arrows.

One might remember last year's race, which had some April SNOW showers, and chilly winds. This year the weather was perfect, and the breeze was a warm 70 degrees. The event was kicked off with a Kid's Race, as the biggest kid of them all, Charlie Schaffer led the way.

Run Forrest...Run!
Kevin Williams & Mikey Guinn battle close for first place
Rocky Kimble sounded the siren, and over 140 excited folks headed for the hemlocks. The first two to reach the 2 mile marker were setting the trail a-blaze! Mikey Guinn, who took 3rd in the 1999 Back Bay Snowflake Sprint 5K and Kevin Williams, who placed 3rd in the 1999 Mountaineer Week 5K were neck and neck from start to finish. "The last turn was a battle right to the grass." said Guinn. Guinn pulled ahead of Williams to get a 2 second edge, and a new course record with a time of 17:23. "I thought this race was going to be fun, and it was, but it was really painful!" said Williams(17:25), who captured 2nd overall. Francis Rengers(18:21), finished 3rd overall respectively.

Run Forrest...Run!
Over the river & through the woods to grandmother's house...
The race to first for the women was not nearly as close. A native from Gainsville, Florida, Beth Godwin held her lead to finish as the 1st place woman and 15th overall with a great time of 21:11. Godwin also set a record for the course. Robin Stone(23:50) of Morgantown, WV, took home the 2nd place female award. A familiar face at many races, since she helps does timing for SERJ, Shelly Ralston(24:48), of Masontown, PA finished as the 3rd female overall.

Many runners got their sneakers caught in between rocks, but it was still a fun run, with lots of scenery along the way.

Run Forrest...Run!
It was a scenic walk for many
The first walker to reach the grassy knoll was Ed Loud with a time of 36:44. Sam Parsons(39:56), trudged his way through the mud to take home the 2nd place prize, and Lisa Little(40:34), finished as the 3rd overall walker.

Thanks to the handy work of Janice & Brittny Hamrick, there was plenty of hot dogs, cookies, and tasty homemade cupcakes to go around after the race. You may be thinking that it just doesn't get much better than the Run Forest...Run!!, but wait, because there's more...

This event is only the 2nd race in the 2000 Morgantown Area Grand Prix. There's still over 12 races left, so it's not too late to sign up.