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Saturday, May 20, 2000 -- Parkersburg, WV
Vienna River 5 Mile Run/5K Walk
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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Vienna River 5 Mile Run/5K Walk
The walkers speed out of the stadium at full force
This was the fourth incredible year for the Vienna River 5 Mile Run and 5K Walk. Starting in the Jackson Jr. High Stadium, the American flag was flying high in the cool morning breezes. As a special treat, two trumpet players from the Jr. High, Mika Gregg, and Jordan Novak played the Star Spangeled Banner for the start of the walk and run. There was quite an applause for the artist who designed the race T-Shirts this year, Julie Weaver, and even the mayor of Vienna, David Nohe was there. So much support for such a young race, but that's no surprise when race director dynamo, Louis Molinaro takes charge.

Vienna River 5 Mile Run/5K Walk
Bernard Fries glides down mile 3 to finish 2nd in the 5K Walk
With large turnout numbers, many racers returned from theVienna 1999 Race to either reclaim the top spots, or beat last year's champs.

Out in front from the very start of the 5K Walk, John Mike Nichols was determined to speed walk his way to the top spot. Beating his 1st place time from 99' by a minute, Nichols captured 1st once again on his home course of Vienna with a time of 29:52. Bernard Fries(31:38), kept a steady pace to receive the 2nd place trophy. William Cunningham & Doug Kreinik kept it close right to the line, but Cunningham(31:55), edged ahead of Kreinik(31:56), in the last second for the third place win.

The first female finisher in the walk and 5th Overall was Martha Marks of Belprie, Ohio with a great time of 33:48.

Vienna River 5 Mile Run/5K Walk
The race for 2nd place is on!
There is one runner who has been tearing up the Parkersburg running scene and leaving a trail of fire behind him. I'm talking about George Angelos, who in the past 3 weeks has claimed wins all over Parkersburg. First overall in the Erickson All-Sports Challenge 5K, first place in the YWCA Pacesetter 5K, and now Angelos returns as the Overall champ of the Vienna River 5 Miler. Angelos took 2nd in the 5 Miler in 99', this year he took home 1st and beat his time by 2 minutes with a 27:42.

The race for 2nd was tight at mile 4 between Ohio runners, Jed Tuten & Mike Black. Tuten(29:19), turned it on and left Black(29:27), 8 seconds behind to finish 2nd.

Vienna River 5 Mile Run/5K Walk
Donna Kramer is happy about being close to the finish
Placing 2nd in last year's Vienna Run, Julie Dyer of Clarksburg returned with a better time to finish 27th Overall and 1st for the women with a time of 35:29. Trailing a minute or so behind Dryer, Sharon Marks(36:17), who was 3rd in 99' captured 2nd for 2000. Linda Cannon(37:28), ran at her own pace to take the third top spot for the ladies.

After the race was over there was plenty of food bags from Foodland to satisfy even the hungriest racers. Thanks to Louis Molinaro, Terry Hickle, Norma Phillips, and the Vienna Police Dept., this race was a big success. We look forward to enjoying Vienna in 2001 for the 5th Annual Race!

The next race in the RC Runner's Series is the Mountain State Classic.