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Saturday, May 13, 2000 -- Parkersburg, WV
YWCA Pacesetter 5K Run/Walk
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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YWCA Pacesetter 5K
Who needs an umbrella when you've got your friends?
On what started out as a very humid May day, Mother Nature proved to us once again that she is truly unpredictable in every way. Saturday, May 13th over 120 enthusiastic folks were signed up for the YWCA Pacesetter 5K. Known for it's scenic course, and after race celebration of food and door prizes, no matter what the weather, this race is always a success. Thunderstorms persisted, and just before the runners could leap from the line, it started to pour. As the runners ran to their vehicles to grab their hats, volunteers grabbed their umbrellas and everyone waited a minute for the thunder to subside.

YWCA Pacesetter 5K
George Angelos tears it up on the slick pavement in City Park
After a few minutes of "cooling off", over 60 runners were given the signal, and headed down Dudley Ave. with the Parkersburg Police Dept. leading the way. Winner of the Erickson All-Sports Challenge 2000 5K and 2nd place finisher in the 1999 Pacesetter 5K, George Angelos lead the race from line to line to sweep 1st place overall with a fast time of 16:49. "I ran a great race up until mile 2, then I started to peter out a bit." commented Angelos.

Rounding the City Park fountain at the mile 2 marker, Josh Weekly(17:51), was kicking up some water from the freshly made puddles. "After mile 2, I ran the rest of the race like this (turns his head to look behind him)." said Weekly, "I knew who was behind me and I knew that they could cover the 100 yards quick that was between us."

YWCA Pacesetter 5K
Rollie Woods looks determined to finish with a fast time
Weekly was talking about his buddy Mike Taylor, who was in a close race for 3rd place, and trailing Weekly by 100 yards. With Randy Gibbs and Mike Black nipping at his heels, Taylor turned it on to capture 3rd overall with a time of 18:05. Gibbs finished just 3 seconds behind Taylor to get 4th. "Maybe on a different day could I have caught Josh, but not today." Taylor explained over a hot plate of Papa Johns Pizza.

Third place women's finisher in last year's Pacesetter Run, Sharon Marks took 16th overall this year, and 1st place for the ladies with a time of 22:23. Robin Barnett(23:59), held a minute or more lead on Linda Cannon (24:17), to take 2nd, as Cannon finished 3rd for the women.

YWCA Pacesetter 5K
We're ready for our close-up WVOutside!
Always a tough contender, Rollie Woods(30:35), returned to the YWCA to once again, take home his first place overall prize in the 5K Walk. A well known face in the Parkersburg area as well, Jeannie Dorton(31:24), speed walked her way to 2nd place overall, and Bernard Fries(31:40), who finished 2nd overall in the Walk in 99' took 3rd place respectively.

As always, the YWCA & the RRCA made sure that everything was taken care of. Police escorts, volunteers at every possible corner pointing the way, volunteers on bikes shouting out times at each mile marker, a delicious Post-Race spread fit for a King or a Queen, an excellent assortment of door prizes, and the list goes on and on! Special thanks goes out to Helen Douglas of the YWCA & the RRCA for making sure that this event is a continued success year after year.

More special thanks goes out to Josh Weekly at for the race results.