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Wednesday, May 31, 2000 -- Pittsburgh, PA
2000 ACA Summer Criterium Series
Story by Joe Papp with photos contributed by the Pittsburgh Cycling Club

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For more information on cycling in Southwest PA, check with the Allegheny Cycling Association.

A Race
Three wide in the A Race with Jeff Paul on the outside
Despite finishing third tonight in the 55-lap Class A race, Jason Zimmerman (Greensburg-Jamis) finally showed the winning form that will make him a contender in the ACA's Summer Criterium Points Series, which begins next week. Beaten to the line by both Joe Papp (Pittsburgh Cycling Team) and Dave Wenger (Team Columbus), Zimmerman nevertheless made a significant contribution to the night's winning breakaway, which lapped the field with less than four laps to go. Accused of sitting-on in countless breakaways, only to sprint for victory at the end, Zimmerman tonight proved his mettle by continuing to pull with Papp when the rest of the break stopped working with 10 laps to go. Thanks to his and Papp's efforts, they caught the field, and with a leadout from his teammate Jimmy Spaniel, Zimmerman fought his way into the top three.

The action started in the first turn on the first lap, when three riders jumped away from the field. Though they were caught several laps later, a crash on the homestretch split the field and sent several riders to the pits. While a majority of the riders was able to take advantage of the free lap rule and rejoin the race with the main field, several were caught unaware and lost a lap to the leaders. Eventually, Papp and Wenger, who is also attached to the Shaklee professional team, succeeded in distancing themselves from the field. They were joined by John Evanko and Kyle Dixon (both Team Schwinn), Zimmerman, and Ruud van Dijk (Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club).

B Race
Fox Velo is chased by PCC in the B Race
Dijk could not match the others and dropped off the pace, but he was picked up by Jeff Timinski (Schwinn) and Wenger's teammate Mike Magg (Team Columbus) who were desperately chasing the break. When the leaders came close to catching the back of the bunch, Wenger and the Schwinn riders stopped working, in hopes of allowing their teammates to bridge the gap. Preferring a bunch sprint, Papp launched several solo attacks, but he needed Zimmerman's assistance to actually take the lap. In the dash to the line, Papp finished first, Wenger second, Zimmerman third, Evanko fourth, and Dixon fifth. Timinski was the first chaser across the line in sixth, with Magg seventh and Van Dijk eighth.

In the B race, a promising break containing riders from several of the major teams, including the PMVC, looked capable of holding off the field to the finish.

Alas, hesitation and unwillingness by several riders to share in the pace making doomed the move to failure. The race again came down to a bunch sprint, won again by Andrew Mor. Josh Shaeffer (AHRR) finished second, and Charlie Chulack (Pittsburgh Cycling Team) was third. In another replay of last week's finish, Slippery Rock University's Kevin Cramer won the C race in a time of 25:19. He was followed by Michael Wolinski (Gary Fisher/Saab) and Ray Russell (Pittsburgh Cycling Team).