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Friday, June 16, 2000 -- Thurmond - Fayetteville, WV
Captain Thurmond's Challenge

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Check out the 1999 Captain Thurmond's and the 1998 Captain Thurmond's.

Race Registration:
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM at Fayetteville Town Park
Deadline for registration (paid in full) is June 10th
There will be a late fee of $20.00 added to the entry if you wait till Race Day

Race Meeting:
11:00 AM Mandatory Race meeting at the Fayetteville Town Park

Race Starts:
2:00 PM Race starts in the town of Thurmond

Race Course Description

  • Bike: A Lemans start at the historic Thurmond Train Depot in the New River Gorge along the New River to Cunard. 11 miles. Great photo opportunities - family & friends!

  • Kayak: Cunard to Fayette Station on the New River. Class IV & V rapids. 8 miles.

  • Run: The run section has changed this year. From Fayette Station, start up Fayette Station Road, go roughly 100 feet past chickenwire curve (Kaymoor Trail parking area), turn left into woods on rough path. Come to stairway, go left. Path crosses a single track path, turn left. This leads to Fayetteville. 5 miles.

Race Categories & Divisions:
(You MUST enter the expert class if you have extensive race experience in any of the 3 aspects of the race.)


    Kayak - Any boat longer than 4 meters (13'2) is in the expert class.
    Bike - Riders that compete in the expert class in Mountain Bike Races, full time, or is a sponsored rider.
    Run -Runners that compete on a regular basis and their 5 mile time is under 30 minutes.


    Kayak -Any boat less than 4 meters (13'2) is eligible for the sport class.
    Bike -Riders that compete in the sport class in Mountain Bike Races.
    Run -Runners that compete in races and their 5-mile time is over 30 minutes.

  • AMATEUR (The fun class)

    Kayak - Any boat less than 4 meters (13'2) is eligible for the amateur class.
    Bike - Any biker that wants to race.
    Run - Any runner that would like to walk or run.

  • CLYDESDALE - 200+ per individual or team member

  • RAFT - Team is a minimum of 4, maximum of 6. Male or Female or both.

    Race Guidelines:

    • Minimum of 3 teams/individuals per category to qualify as a category
    • Cash prizes for the 1st thru 3rd Men, Women Expert Solo Classes
    • Cash prizes for only the 1st place, Men, Women, & Mixed Teams
    • Product prizes (off the prize table) for everyone else.
      3 deep in every category!
    • Remember that cash prizes are for all Expert Solo 1st thru 3rd, Men & Women's. Expert teams 1st Place only, Men & Women.
    • OVER $10,000 IN PRIZES & CASH!

You may pick up directions/race information at the following businesses: Blue Ridge Outdoors, Ridge Rider Mt. Bikes, and Starrk Moon Kayak.

Also check out Captain Thurmonds for more info.

TITLE: Captain Thurmond's Challenge
EVENTS: Mtn Triathlon
WHEN: Fri, 16 Jun
WHERE: Fayetteville (Thurmond), WV
CONTACT: New River CVB (800) 927-0263 E-mail
COMMENTS: Only early registrations are guaranteed a T-shirt