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Thursday, June 29, 2000 -- Wellsburg, WV
Wendy's Wellsburg 5K Run & Walk
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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Wendy's Wellsburg 5K
Rainbows over Wellsburg were a treat for all after the awards
The streets of Wellsburg were crowded on Thursday night, as racers mainly from the Wheeling area showed up to strut their stuff in the Wendy's Wellsburg 5K Run & Walk. The town was ready for the forth of the July, and Mom-N-Pop shops which lined times square sparkled with stars, stripes, and patriotic flair. The lamp post flower baskets doubled over with blooming buds, and City Hall's brick walls boomed with music, where even the Mayor was milling about with a big smile.

The pleasant evening was inviting to the runners, as they trampled down the main strip with the mountains at their backs

Wendy's Wellsburg 5K
Jack Caggot keeps up his good form from start to finish
A pack of three rounded the 2nd to last turn at full speed, with Justin Simpson looking over his shoulder for Matt Apesos, who was hot on his tail. Simpson suddenly focused his eyes ahead where the last turn awaited, and victory was just around the corner. Turning on the speed, Simpson held off Apesos by just 3 seconds to clench 1st place with a time of 15:05. Matt Apesos(15:08) has been leaving a trail of dust behind him in the Northern WV area. Overall winner in the Will E. Long 5K, Apesos took 2nd overall in Wellsburg.

Scott Fry(15:13), held his own to take home the 3rd place trophy and finish 5 seconds behind Apesos.

Wendy's Wellsburg 5K
Mallory Roadman sets her sights on a 3rd place finish
The women's top finishers had some "eyebrow -raising" fast times. Erin Frye blazed out in front and never looked back. She finished 1st for the ladies, and 10th overall with a time of 18:24. Making a strong comeback after having a broken foot last year from the Debbie Green Memorial 5K, Julie McGee(19:43), cruised over the line in 2nd. Young Mallory Roadman rounded out the top spots at 3rd with a time of 21:26.

Though the walk was small in size, some big competition was was going on between the two lead walkers.

Wendy's Wellsburg 5K
George Macek & Jerry Goodwin battle in the 1st mile
George Macek and Jerry Goodwin have competed in walk races together quite often. Going stride for stride, or step for step rather, during the 1st mile Macek & Goodwin showed signs of different styles and form. The last stretch of pavement lined with spectators lead Jerry Goodwin to a fast victory overall with a time of 28:04. Winner of last year's Walk Race in Wellsburg, George Macek bettered his time in '99 by almost 2 minutes, but took home 2nd with a 28:27. Dianna Govey(36:19), finished 3rd overall respectively.

Honorable mention for the day goes out to a small guy with big ambitions. Alex Kusko, finished his first 5K Run like a real pro! Congratulations Alex and family.

* For the Record...
There were rumors floating around about the course being short. Is this possible? This course was flat and very fast, and the possibility of it being short may exist, but the race had all of the things that a great race should. This includes traffic control, a lead patrol car, organized registration, etc. If you think it was short, then speak up! Race Director Mark Rihel and Crew would be more than happy to answer your questions. They are truly into what they do, and very friendly folks. Got a comment? Check for Mark's number on the race Details Page.