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Saturday, July 8, 2000 -- Parkersburg, WV
3rd Annual Mid-Ohio Valley Triathlon

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Place Name Class
Class Time
1John Haight1Male3:34:38
2Tim Daly2Male3:41:04
3Joe Wharton3Male3:41:12
4Kevin Fletcher4Male3:49:37
5Last Minute1Team Male4:03:07
6Richard Summers5Male4:05:01
7Fishers of Men2Team Male4:08:16
8Bert Davis6Male4:23:25
9Michael Jung7Male4:32:32
10Jim Weaver8Male4:33:15
11Stephen Morris9Male4:34:28
12Jody Park1Female4:49:09
-Cliff Campbell-MaleDNF
-Keith Pryor-MaleDNF
1Joel Rodgers1Male1:24:17
2Sarah Crandall1Female1:31:22
3Greg Carden2Male1:31:45
4Jonathon Wilson3Male1:33:21
5Shakers and Bakers1Team Male1:36:02
6Grant Stephens4Male1:40:27
7Team Alpharma1Team Female1:41:48
8Tracy Summers2Female2:01:43
9Lynda Dunham3Female2:05:32
10Ryan Summers5Male2:10:52
11Kim Croyle4Female2:13:43
12Tom Crooks6Male2:19:08
13Amy Davis5Female2:32:51
1Lowell Warden1Male58:54
2Keith Mayor2Male59:02
3Diana Wilson1Female1:04:58
4Mighty Moms1Team Female1:08:07
5Lowell Warden Jr3Male1:12:10
6Kim Clancy2Female1:14:04
7Killer B's2Team Female1:28:12
8Cardiac Crusaders1Team Mixed1:29:51
9Robin Dunlop3Female1:31:14
10Inez Hill4Female1:34:05
11Roger Cruse4Male1:37:00