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Saturday, July 15, 2000 -- Bridgeport, WV
Benedum Festival 5K
Story and photos by Marty Lamp

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Benedum Festival 5K
Daniell Edgell finishes in front
Saturday morning in Bridgeport was a lot like most other hot, muggy mornings in this small town except for the fact that over 180 hardworking souls decided to brave the heat and humidity for a little run. Little may be a matter of opinion, but the Benedum Festival 5K was definitely a showcase of the local running talent.

The sixth race in the tough Clarksburg Area Race Series, the Benedum 5K starts and finishes at Bridgeport High School. If this course had to be described with one word, it would have to be rolling. In the entire 3.1 miles, runners would never encounter a single major climb, but they would also never encounter a flat section of any reasonable length, everyone seemed to agree that it was either up or down.

Benedum Festival 5K
Tracey Hoare likes running in Bridgeport
After the 8:30am start, the racers headed east on Meadowbrook Road throught the quiet residential streets of Bridgeport. After looping back, everyone was greeted with a gradual incline as they crossed the 3 mile mark, and from there it was a gradual decline to the finish.

The first person to come into sight at the finish line behind a police escort was Daniell Edgell(16:11). The West Union native was maintaining a brisk 5:13 per mile pace enroute to his win, and was still running smooth when he crossed the finish line 22 seconds in front of second place finisher Robert Casteel(16:33), also coming from West Union.

Benedum Festival 5K
Just another day for Carl Hatfield
The battle for third resembled a fight a the Olympic Trials as John Boker(17:25) and Josh Weekley(17:25) came into the last 200 yards side by side in full stride, and crossed the finish line simultaneously.

The first female to finish was Bridgeport's own Tracey Hoare(19:43), and she managed a very respectable 18th place overall finish while keeping a 6:22 per mile pace. Her closest female competitor, Ashley Wilson(20:28), was less than a minute behind, with Julie Dyer(21:33) rounding out the top three female finishers.

Thanks go out to race director Darrell Moorhead for putting on a fine event, to all the volunteers and local law enforcement patrolling the course, and to RunWV for providing quick and timely results.