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Saturday, July 22, 2000 -- Fairmont, WV
Monongahela Valley Bank 5K & 10K
Story and photos by Marty Lamp

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Mon Valley 10/5K
Robin Stanton and Lindsey Boegehold battle to the finish
The weekend of July 22-23rd was like a breath of fresh air for the folks in Fairmont, as temperatures were in the 70's and the humidity was nowhere to be found. This was a welcome change from the previous month's stifling high temps, and from last years heat. The 22nd Annual Monongahela Valley Bank 10/5K is truly one of the oldest 10K's in the state, and many would argue one of the hardest.

Formerly the Greater Fairmont 10K, this classic race is the 6th race of 15 in the Morgantown Area Grand Prix Series, and many of the area's top runners were out in full force competing for those valuable points.

Talk to anyone who has ran this course and they will tell you it's nothing but hills, some short and steep, some gently rolling, but lot's of hills none the less.

Mon Valley 10/5K
Jonathan Wright in East-West Stadium
The starting line was right in front of the old East-West Stadium for both the 10K and the 5K, and both races started at the same time despite their respective starting lines be separated by two blocks. Both courses stayed together until the 10K'ers took off from Walnut Street onto 7th Street. Both courses wound around the hilly streets of residential Fairmont before looping back the finish at East-West Stadium.

Both races would finish with a lap on the track inside this stoic looking stadium, while a crowd of spectators and fans cheered on as many close finishes provided ample entertainment.

Mon Valley 10/5K
Derek Clark and Joe Dean finish strong
In the 5K event, it was Faimont native Jonathan Wright(17:09) entering the stadium first, with EJ Linger(17:21) pressing hard some 75 yards back. The two managed to stay together in the lead for most of the race, but Wright's pace of 5:31 per mile was enough to keep him in the lead until the finish. Murshid Latif(17:48) rounded out the top three overall finishers.

The fastest lady in the 5K this day proved to be Morgantown's own Erin O'Reilly(19:26) while holding onto a fats 6:15 per mile pace. Only a minute behind was Ruth Riemenschneider(20:30) of Winchester, Virginia, while Ryann Metheny(20:44) was in hot pursuit. These top three female 5K finishers crossed the finish line in 13th, 20th, and 25th positions, respectively.

Mon Valley 10/5K
Brad and Terry Coffman enjoy a run
In the 10K race, only 10 seconds separated the front two runners as Derek Clark(36:22) took the win, and Joe Dean(36:32) held a solid lock on second place. Clark managed a torrid 5:51 per mile pace to just stay in front of the hard charging Dean. Justin Simpson(26:50) rounded out the top three overall male finishers.

To the surprise of very few, Heather Bury(38:38) of Morgantown cruised to a 6th place overall finish while sustaining a 6:13 per mile pace, and finishing first for all female competitors. Keeping Bury honest was the always fast Rebecca Schoonover(41:08), who crossed the finish line 13th amongst all racers, and second for the ladies.

Thanks go out to Richard Hawkins for providing quick and thorough results, and to Robert Steele and all the volunteers who ran the water stations, and helped out along the way.