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Wednesday, July 12, 2000 -- Pittsburgh, PA
2000 ACA Summer Criterium Series
Story by Joe Papp, with photos contributed by the Pittsburgh Cycling Club

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Let 'em eat cake!
Happy 28th, ACA!
On Wednesday, July 12, 2000, the Allegheny Cycling Association celebrated its 28th year of promoting bicycle racing in Pittsburgh. In recognition of the club's longevity and per tradition, riders and spectators alike were treated to the club's annual Anniversary Races and Picnic, held for the second year at the Washington Boulevard Bike Oval. What started in 1972 as a small group of individuals intent on preparing themselves for out-of-town races has grown and blossomed into one of the country's premier cycling clubs. This year, Team Brooklyn organized the picnic portion of the evening, while the ACA's usual crew of dedicated officials oversaw the races.

C Race
A tight pack in the C race
In the women's event, Jen Shogren (Team Freddie Fu) was the first to complete 14 laps of racing, ahead of the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club's Lisa Brush. First-year racer Betsy Schauer (Pittsburgh Cycling Club) finished third and Aimee Beal came fourth. Shogren also won both primes.

1st, 3rd, 2nd
Jen Shogren and Betsy Schauer, with Lisa Brush in pursuit
Vik Lisotto won the 20-lap C race in a time of 30:32. He was followed by Dave Curry and Alan "Sport" Moore (ACA). Bernie Jakob finished fourth and Mike Rytel (East Suburban Sports Medicine) rounded out the top-5. Todd Copeland was the Most Aggressive Rider. Part of the fun of the Anniversary Race night is the large number of primes given away in each event. In all of the races, two tubes of JogMate protein were given to the leader of each lap (courtesy of the PCC); in the C race, Copeland also won the Pgh Pirates Mug donated by Todd Bulebush; M Schriver claimed the $5 donated by Pizza Outlet; Andrew Wuelfkuhl won the Tee shirt donated by PMVC, the bread donated by Ed Doughty and the $5 Gift certificate donated by Cycle Works; Mike Rytel snared the tire donated by Fred Baldassare.

Men B #1 in #2
B winner Josh Shaffer chases a Fox Velo rider
In a dramatic sprint finish, Josh Shaffer (Fort Frames) defeated Charlie Chulack (PCC) to win an exciting B race filled with countless attacks and counterattacks. Team Freddie Fu's Eric Jones rode to a respectable third place finish and Bob Riffle (East Suburban) crossed the line fourth. Jeff Moran was fifth, ahead of a hard-charging Fred Baldassare (Team Freddie Fu), co-promoter of the event! Jim Miller won the Most Aggressive prize. Hansel Lucas won what was, by far, the best prime of the night-the champagne donated by Barb Grabowski, Colin Sandberg won the Pirates Mug donated by Todd Bulebush; though he didn't win the overall, Charlie Chulack took the $5 donated by Pizza Outlet and the Starbucks Coffee donated by Fred B.: Jim Miller won both the Tee shirt donated by Pgh Masters Velo Club and the $5 Gift certificate donated by Cycle Works; Mark Bold of the PCC won Ed Doughty's bread.

A Men #1
Joe Papp holds off a hard-charging Brungard at the line
The 40-lap A race threatened to become a high-speed chess match as the Mapei-esque PCC orchestrated break after break after break. However, midway through the event, Rob Acciavatti (GoMart) and Ryan McDermitt (Univ. of Colorado), caught the Pitt riders off-guard and broke away with Gunnar Shogren (Guinness). Nevertheless, only two laps passed before PCC leader Joe Papp bridged to the leaders, and it was only a lap later that the entire field, in a panic-induced, full-on charge, absorbed the break. It was not until nine laps to go that another threatening move went clear of the field. Bret Goodpaster (PCC) established a 50-meter lead before Acciavatti joined him. Together, they fought to a 20-second lead, though Acciavatti dropped Goodpaster with just four laps to go. The PCC riders left in the field, who only moments before had been blocking contently at the front, began a desperate chase. The field split during the ensuing laps after an attack by George Yoder (Team Freddie Fu), though at the front, it was only Guinness teammates Dick Brink and Shogren and the PCC's Papp who could contribute to the effort. Nevertheless, after Acciavatti was caught with one lap to go, a slew of suddenly recovered riders swarmed to the front. Papp would not be denied, however and he won his fifth Anniversary Race ahead of Matt Brungard (MVC) and Jason Zimmerman (Greensburg Jamis). For his efforts, Acciavatti was named Most Aggressive Rider; he also won the strawberry tart prime donated by Barb Grabowski. Brungard won the Lance Armstrong book donated by Fred Baldassare and Papp nailed the $5 Pizza Outlet prime. Jeff Guy won the Tee shirt donated by PMVC. Boulderite McDermitt left with a $5 Gift certificate donated by Cycle Works, and John Evanko breakfasted the next day on the bread donated by Ed Doughty.