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Sunday, September 24, 2000 -- Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Great Race
Story and photos by Julie Black

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Thousands of people gather after the races in City Park
Sunday, September 24th, marked the 24th year for the Richard S. Caliguiri, City of Pittsburgh... Great Race. What's the big deal? Well, 9545 plus athletes competed for over 19,000 big ones is all! Runners came from around the world, including Ethiopia, Morocco, Finland, and of course Kenya, who's been known for their elite runners for decades.

On this day though, much of the racing community was from Pittsburgh and it's surrounding suburbs, and darn proud of it too. Many of the locals have been running the race for years, and it's become a fantastic family affair.

Great Race
Alena Emere puts his arms up at the finish of a very fast 10K
The 2000 events included a 5K Run & Walk, and a 10K Run. The elites really put on a show in the 10K, and at one point the top 3 male runners were sprinting so fast downhill, that even the press truck was having a hard time keeping up with them.

In the end it was young 19 year old Alena Emere who conquered the downhill course for the win in and amazing time of 27:49. It was Emere's first time in the Great Race.

The most outstanding finisher from Pittsburgh, PA was Caroline Zajac-Tynan(33:59), who took 11th overall in the 10K for the women.

Great Race
The elite women hang together
The top women in the 10K race were battling well into mile 4. Stride for stride, the Keyan women eyeballed each other to see who was going to make their move first. Finally, Jane Ngotho edged out her fellow country-woman Gladis Asiba for the win, but only by 2 seconds! Ngotho took home the 1st place women's prize with a smoking time of 32:06, and Asiba finished with a 32:08.

When reporters asked Ngotho about here win she stated, "There were many, many, very strong women. They were very strong!"

Great Race
Plenty of smiles could be seen when the races were over
The race over the years has been named one of the top road races in the country. The race is named in honor of its founder, the late Mayor Richard S. Caliguiri, who died in 1988 of a rare, incurable disease known as amaloidosis. In 1993, the race was renamed the Richard S. Calguiri, City of Pittsburgh Great Race. Since then, money from the race benefits The Richard S. Calguiri Fund.
Special Thanks... Goes out to Denise McConnel for her wonderful hospitality, and David Simms for the speedy, professional results.