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Saturday, September 30, 2000 -- Kasson, WV
The Mountain Road Classic
Photos by Don Parks

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[1998's Mountain Road Classic]

Laurel Mountain
Todd Copeland and Brad Best Climbing Laurel Mountain
on Route 50W
After a year absence, the Mountain Road Classic has returned. Saturday was a picture perfect day for racing 53+ miles of some of West Virginia's most scenic roadways. As always, it reminded everyone why they call West Virginia: "The Mountain State".

GoMart's Kevin Chapman, who finished second overall, shares with us his perspective on the race:

The riders kept a slow pace for the first part of the course leading up to the first climb. Only Cat 4-5 rider, Adam DeGardyn, from Scott Depot was interested in going off the front, taking an early lead. A good tempo was set by the rest of the leading riders on the first climb bringing the field down to small group. In the last half-mile of the climb, Greg Cook slowly rode away while the others kept the same pace, scrathing their collective heads about jumping with him, or staying in the protection of more riders.

Beal & Witmer
Aimee Beal and Emma Witmer head for the hills
Everyone knew it was a tough course. Too early for a small group to work, much less a solo attempt. Leading by himself over the top of the first climb by half minute, Cook put the hammer down anyway and never looked back.

Kevin Chapman and Gunnar Shogren were the only guys chasing in a group of four on the other side of the mountain, working well while three others sat on. This turned out to be fruitless as Cook continued to put time into them. Within the next four miles, another two riders bridged and helped keep a steady tempo.

A few attempts by DeGardyn and Chapman to get away on the smaller climbs before the last four-mile climb (at a mere 9% grade) were always brought back. So it stayed until the last climb where a few more riders were dropped. This left six riders together over the top, including Greg's teammate and ever-present John Barry, to ride in together waiting for the sprint. Chapman prevailed in the final six-rider sprint for second place overall coming in a bunch-o-minutes behind Cook.

The only thing better than the weather on this day was the kind people that were out to support our sport. Thanks to all those involved with staging another race in those beautiful WV mountains.