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Saturday, October 21, 2000 - Sunday, October 22, 2000 -- Hopedale, OH
Mickey's Mountain Bike Challenge
Story by Charles Patterson with photos by Don Parks

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Race Start
The start of another great day on Mickey's Mountain
It was a perfect day for the season finale of the Ohio State Championship Series at Mickey's Mountain Bike Challenge in Hopedale. The sun burned off the fog early and shone brightly on the Halloween colors of the leaves throughout the day. Yellow trail-marking tape added to the fall flair.

Over 115 participants assembled to ride 5.1 miles of trails. They did laps ranging from one for the novice group to four for the expert class. Mickey's is a spectator friendly course and many fans lined the trails and collected at the start-finish line to cheer the racers on. Cow bells and whoops resounded as favorites passed by.

Calvin Mickey, the organizer takes special care to make sure his races are organized. The course is laid out with care. Just enough obstacles are provided to keep even the best rider challenged. This month, Calvin added some special sections for the sport-expert classes. About a mile into the ride these groups were diverted from the beginner classes to travel their own trail that included a downhill boulder section with turns and a bridge over a thirty-foot wide gully.

Tara MacBeth
Tara MacBeth started her weekend with Saturday's Downhill and Dual Slalom races
The bridge was primitive, made from two six-inch diameter trees with quarter-sawn logs nailed between them. The bark was still on the logs. There was no railing other than yellow marking tape and it wasn't much wider than a person. You either had to ride across or carry the bike. At the pre-race meeting, Calvin suggested "Look straight ahead, don't look down." Down was ten feet to an old creek bed. About half the riders chose to walk the bridge. Either way, it swayed.

Mickey's is known for prizes. With over thirty-five corporate sponsors (including Wendy's, Colgate-Palmolive, and Domino's) and a tremendous amount of personal effort by Calvin and his wife Kathy everyone leaves satisfied. This Ohio State Championship race was special. All of the racers who placed, some five deep, received a hand made wooden plaque with engraved plate describing their finish. The series winners received a glass trophy with engraved plate.

Along with this the series winners got to choose from thousands of dollars worth of prizes ranging from Marwi light packages to Chiba gloves, Camelback hydration systems, Crane Creek brakes and levers, SRAM components, and more. Door prizes included three Marin frames, shocks, cases of Tri-Flow, and a Park bike stand just to name few. Tara MacBeth, an expert rider from Utah on a full-ride scholarship to Lindsey McNeal College in Kentucky said, "Man, I've never seen so much swag."

Kids Race
A weekend at Mickey's even has racing for folks no more than three
Dave Walker won the expert senior division in 1:53:02. Alex Shrouhal in 2:12:00 took the expert vet class. Ben Ortt took sport senior in 1:29:36, sport junior by Kevin Peter in 1:34:37. Tara Macbeth won the expert women's class in 2:35:28.

The beginners had over fifty entrants. Bob Bovard in 1:10:40 won the master class and Chris Nelson the senior class in 1:02:08. The vet class was taken by Craig Taylor in 1:10:09 and the clydesdale won by Jeff DeBucci in 1:12:04.

If you haven't been to Mickey's, plan to go. He has a timed event scheduled for this November and can be reached at (740) 946-5631. They are great at responding to E-mail. You can also visit them on the web at Hopedale, Ohio is a few miles from Route 22 in the South-Eastern part of the state, a short drive from Pittsburgh, PA or Columbus, OH.