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Saturday, October 7, 2000 -- Beckley, WV
Beckley Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk

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NOTE: These results are all that was received by iPlayOutside. Please forward any comments or questions to Jay Rutledge and the Beckley-Raleigh County YMCA, (304) 252-0715.

Place Name Time
Men Overall
1Mark Looney1:19:17
2Tim Howard1:21:17
3Scott Clark1:21:54
4Larry Miller1:22:35
Men 20-24
1Aaron Kaylor1:29:51
2PJ Short1:39:45
Men 25-29
1Larry Miller1:22:35
2Fred Stromberg1:57:06
Men 30-34
1Scott Clark1:21:54
2Allen Carpenter1:32:47
3Kevin Griffin1:53:07
Men 35-39
1Mark Looney (1st O/A)1:19:17
2Jerry Bostic1:30:04
3Darryl Martin1:35:46
4Michael Bryant1:45:34
Men 40-44
1Tim Howard1:21:17
2Billy Joe Peyton1:27:37
3Bruce Johnson1:27:58
Men 45-49
1Mike Sandlin1:24:46
2Mark Sundstrum1:29:56
3Phil Waters1:35:49
Men 50-54
1Doc Weis1:27:34
2Harry Bruner1:31:47
3Danny Keatley1:32:23
Men 55-59
1Jimmy Miller1:21:15
2Arnold Stewart1:44:33
3James Riffle1:47:36
Men 60-99
1Vic Ware2:01:37
Place Name Time
Women Overall
1Robin Cannon1:30:09
2Sharon Peake1:32:59
3Kristy Johnson1:36:41
4Maura Kistler1:41:05
Women 00-19
1Lana Moore2:09:31
Women 20-24
1Monette Jereza2:07:45
Women 25-29
1Jennifer Hawks1:52:03
2Zeusa Vargas1:56:39
3Cora Aytona2:03:07
Women 30-34
1Kristy Johnson1:36:41
2Tonya Cox1:51:43
Women 35-39
1Carla Long1:51:09
2Robin Young1:56:31
3Judy Sandlin2:12:16
Women 40-44
1Robin Cannon (1st O/A)1:30:09
2Sharon Peake1:32:59
3Maura Kistler1:41:05
4Elaine Wykle1:54:52
Women 45-49
1Linda Brison2:03:15
2Virginia Stump2:11:18
3Eunice Trzicak2:14:32
Women 50-54
1Donna Akers1:51:52