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Saturday, October 14, 2000 -- Cameron, WV
Wild & Wet 5K Cross Country Race
Story and photos by Mike Monroe

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Creek Crossing
Thrills and spills at Cameron's Wild & Wet 5K
With the cold Friday night football weather still in the air it was definitely time for the real sport, to run a demanding 3.1 miles on a cold, wet, and wild course. With as early in the morning as chilly as it was, it was amazing to see how many people were out in this little Cameron Valley. It was held at the Anderson Family's North Fork Golf Course and airstrip.

The high schools were beginning to pull in from all over the state, even from as far south as Charleston. Some coaches were beginning to line up for the Open race to show their kids they could run, too. While others Open participants were just showing their older brothers and sisters that running was for all ages. With all that being said they began to line up and stretch, bit it was still a little hard to see too far ahead due to the heavy fog in the valley.

A fun, and challenging, run for everyone
The course started in the creek bottom and wound its way 3.1 miles through the valley, in the woods, through the creeks, and up the steep hills. The course was a very demanding one, but most of the runners said how fun the course was after it was all over. One of the toughest parts for all the racers were the creek crossings. They were deep, long and extremely cold! You could see the runners all trying to find a shallow line through them, and very often the shallow lines would lead into a swim in the cold water. On the hills you could see their faces full of pain, but on the down hills and after crossing the finish line you could see the smiles on their faces. As was stated on one team's shirt "Pain is temporary, but pride is forever", the perfect words for this race.

In the Open race, Heather Bury (19:42) was the leader from the bang of the gun, and finished on top. She set a demanding pace that the others tried to follow. She was also the only female in the race, and she brought her West Wood Middle School team with her. Right behind Heather, Dick Lambie (20:02) and Dave Schupback (20:11) fought over second place. They fought through the creek crossings and up the hills with Lambie coming out on top as they raced down the last hundred yards.

3000M Start
The gun sounds to start the Girls' 3000M race
Davey Holmes and Seth Sleime showed what the future of cross-country has in store. They were both ten years old and ran the race, as a pro would have. They finished real close also racing right down to the wire. Jacob Sidmak showed everyone that you don't have to be too young to run, either. Jacob, 54-years-young, finished this rough course in a time of 23:02.

In the high school races the competition was fierce with all teams having a great showing. They ran so hard that many collapsed as they crossed the finish line, but many volunteers were there to help them walk it off and get some fluids.

Everyone there was so friendly and glad to be there. They all liked it so much they get to come back on Thursday to run regionals. So next time you see a cross country race in Cameron, load up the car for the race and be prepared to be astonished by the beautiful scenery in the area, and be amazed by the local hospitality.