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Saturday, October 28, 2000 -- Morgantown, WV
WV Cyclocross Series Race #1

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NOTE from the race director: I apologize for the incompleteness and any inaccuracies in the results. This being my first race, I wasn't quite as prepared as I thought to keep up with the pace of the riders crossing the start/finish line in addition to having to deal with monster trucks and mini baja cars trying to cross the course. If you feel that your placing/number of laps was incorrect we would appreciate your help in correcting the results ( I hope everyone had a good time at the race and hope that you will join us again at our next race. -- Dave McKain

Place Name Laps
1Rob Acciavatti12
2Nick Waite12
3Gunnar Shogren12
4Benjie Klimas12
5EJ Sigety12
6Lief Hands12
7Steve Gergely12
8Chad Cherefko12
9Ernesto Marinchin12
-Marc Glass11
-Greg Moore11
-Clay Evans11
-Scott Spaulding10
-Corey Zurbach9
DNFDave Butler-
1Bob Vernon11
2Lew McGrath11
3Brian Shope11
4Steve Thaxton11
1Jennifer Shogren7
2Mandi Williams7
3Laura Johnston7
4Sarah Loucks6
5Molly McMahon6
1Thomas Krpicak6
2Chris Phillips6
DNFCai Clothier2
1Tim Nelms6
2Dan Casdorph5
1Mike Loranty7
2Jeremy Rowand7
3Drew Hanna7
4Steve Marshall7
-Darin Shriver7
-Espe Clothier7
-Joey Riddle7
1Adam DeGardeyn7
2Jeffery Field7
3Ben Kuhlman7
-Ray Worrell7
-Jay Whitlatch7
-Steve Richardson7
-Tim White6
-Darren Bennent6
-Bill Poling5