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Saturday, October 14, 2000 -- Ohiopyle, PA
Yough River Trail Race
Story and photos by Don Parks

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NOTE: Sorry to say that we never did get complete results for this race.

Yough River Trail
A perfect morning for a run on the Yough rail-trail
On a crisp, cool, October morning, the Ohiopyle State Park Train Station Vistor Center was busy signing up passengers (okay, participants) for the 11th Annual Yough River Trail Race. With the "train" leaving the station at 10:00am sharp, over a hundred "travelers" came out for the 10K run and 5K walk. Since the locomotives on the scenic Yough River Trail are now long gone, it was their feet that would carry these folks along the smooth, crushed limestone, trail.

When the whistle blew and everyone left the station, it seems that Curt Brown, the 1999 winner, and Rick Brooks had the most steam as they raced off the front. The two ran together for close to the the first five miles before Brown was able to pull away. "I couldn't go with him," said Brooks, "I tried to go, but [Brown] just ran a good race." At the finish line it was Brown clocking a winning time of 36:41 while Brooks earned second overall honors at 37:02.

Racing scenic Ohiopyle, PA
In the race for third overall, it began early as race between brothers Joe Molinaro and Francis Molinaro. But, at the two-mile mark, Joe pulled ahead and never looked back on his way to capturing third in 38:28.

In the women's race, it was all Kate Brown from the beginning. Trying to equal the performance of her husband Curt, Kate confessed, "I tried very hard because we've never both won first in the same race." Well, she'll have to find new inspiration as she successfully brought home the first place overall female title to match her husbands. Her winning time of 44:18 was a full minute ahead of her closest rivals.

Even with the female title decided, there was some great racing in the bid for second place female honors. Early on it looked like Wendy King might put up a challenge for Brown until a side-ache slowed her after just 1.5 miles of racing. With King trying to work through the cramp in her side, she could only watch as several other female runners, including Sallibeth Johnson, ran past.

Fall Foliage
The best time of year to be outside
After a painfully slow mile, King was back in her stride and started playing catch-up. It wasn't until just about a half-mile to go that King was able to catch back up to Johnson as the pair vied for second overall. With no one able to surge ahead of the other down the final stretch, it ended with a sprint finish.

At the tape it was King sneaking ahead for second overall with a time of 45:25. Johnson was just off her shoulder as she finished third with a atime of 45:27.

Running or walking, racing for first or just to finish, it was a spectacular day to be outside in Ohiopyle. With the leaves just nearing their peak colors, and the weather simply delightful, it was obvious that everyone enjoyed the morning exercise. And, if that wasn't enough to warm your heart, knowing that all proceeds helped to benefit The Knights of Columbus Charities gave all the participants another reason to be proud.